10 June 2011

Here you can win one from 7x PerfectDisk 12 Professional Licenses from Raxco Software

Raxco Software, the leader in disk defragmentation and optimization software, announced the release of PerfectDisk 12, the latest version of its award-winning performance and storage management product line for home or business. PerfectDisk 12 includes several enhancements and new features to help users keep their PCs, laptops, servers and virtual environments running at optimal performance. The PerfectDisk 12 product family has editions for home users, home offices, SMBs, and large enterprises. All PerfectDisk 12 products are available immediately.

The PerfectDisk 12 product line provides smarter optimization for all system drives. Improvements have been made throughout PerfectDisk 12 that result in up to 30% faster analyzes and optimization passes so users can work and play even faster. Plus, it saves energy costs by reducing the use of CPU and disk I/O resources.

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Numerous new capabilities and enhancements are included in PerfectDisk 12, highlighted by:
  • New OptiWrite™ technology prevents most fragmentation on your drive before it occurs by detecting when Windows is going to fragment files and intelligently redirects I/O so that most fragmentation does not occur. It is the only technology available today that can minimize free space fragmentation while preventing file fragmentation.
  • Exclusive StealthPatrol™ tab is used to set automatic fragmentation prevention and optimize your system when it isn’t busy. Users can select the desired automation settings in one location and PerfectDisk 12 will run in the background to keep all drives optimized and running at peak performance.
  • Improved SSD optimization that specifically focuses on free space consolidation without defragmentation of files to improve write performance. SSD optimization is included free of charge in all editions of PerfectDisk 12.
  • Enhanced capabilities to optimize virtualized environments through auto detection and configuration of PerfectDisk based on virtual hard drive type including thin provisioned drives, linked clones and non-persistent drives.
  • New Short Stroke method improves optimization speed and support for thin provisioned drives.
  • New Zero Fill Free Space capability to assist with migration from physical to virtual environments, shrinking virtual drives and the recovery of valuable disk space.
  • Enhanced scheduling that provides the world’s most flexible scheduling options according to a user’s or businesses’ unique requirements.http://www.raxco.com
Defrag your Drives with PerfectDisk brings the best performance out of your data storage devices. After a boot defrag on our test system, the disk benchmark results increased drastically. The program interface is easy to operate constructed. The S.M.A.R.T status of the disks keeps you informed about the disk health status. For some security software products for example the upcoming release of SuperAntispyware 5 is a patch available here, if you have issues in combination with PerfectDisk 12. The memory consume is below 20 mb and the program require about 214 mb free disk space on Windows 7 x64.

Raxco PerfectDisk is one of the best Defrag Programs available today!

Raxco Software give us 7 Licenses for our readers for the new version PerfectDisk 12 Professional.

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On 17. June 2011 we draw random from all comments 7 winners and announce them.
We forward from the winners the email addresses and names to Raxco Software.


Vaibhav Srivastava said...

Mark, really awesome giveaway...


k19s said...

Hi, great giveaway. Please count me in. My tweet is: https://twitter.com/#!/k1922h/status/79169920050528256

ADD_RiVER said...

Thank you for this very nice giveaway, Raxco released the new version 12 just a few days ago! Now a chance to win a License, that's fantastic! (:


Wolfson said...

Very Great Giveaway!!!
This is the best defrag - software. I need this program.
Count me in - please. 




Alex said...

very very good software! thanks leechermods for great giveaway!!!

comphelp said...

PerfectDisk is very nice software! Thanks for GREAT Giveaway!!!

malkhaz said...

Wow, thank you, perfect disk is the best defragmentation program in the world. now I have 11 version, and I think it is time for upgrading.

WitoldWojciechowski said...

Great program one of the best in its class, I recommend it to everyone.http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=207563105952474&id=1425342946

Tomasz Przemysław Nowak said...

Perfect Disk12 is the best program to defragment the files on your computer. I'd like to win a license for him.


Spyros Gialelis said...

Nice one, shared on twitter -> http://twitter.com/spyros2n/status/79193551623290880 posting for entry. Good luck to all!

Vader7 said...


Thanks, this software is the best!!

Terieron said...

A very good program to disk defragmentation and optimization.Thanks StealthPatrol is able to automatically avoid excessive fragmentation. Great program, great giveaway!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/terieron/status/79197757302255616FB:      https://www.facebook.com/terieron/posts/205573052820434

ayhan said...

I hope to win a license.

Akertkert said...

the best of the best defrag - software! thanks for giveaway!

Freef said...

this would be better than paying for DiskKeeper.

SHEDMED said...

Nice giveaway.
Please count me in.

olobambolo said...



Hi. PrefectDisk is a very good defragmenting program. I really lack of such a program. and therefore I would like to win it thanks for the contest Leecher Mods.

vince said...

Agreed Raxco PerfectDisk is a good defrag tool. 

This is a chance to own one......

Marek said...

Please count me in
good luck to all.
Thanks for giveaway.

Sysabi said...

I'm loooking for very good software to do disk defragmentation. I need a PerfectDisk

Bogdan G. said...

I think PerfectDisk is the best defrag tool , smart,  
reliabe and very effective.


vhick said...

Thank you for giving away one of the best defrag software.


VientoSur56 said...

Thanks for giveaway.

Perfectdisk is a great defrag tool.


Joe Novack said...

PerfectDisk - the world's most popular and thorough disk defragmentation solution. Count me in, Thanks!Share:http://twitter.com/#!/tzpc/status/79254355282378752http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=156571654412808&id=100001832763969

darkh4wk said...

I would really enjoy to have a license of the best Defrag program from leechermods community ;D

allin77 said...

I am running PerfectDisck always, is reliable.I would like to have the latest version.
Thanks for this giveaway.

my_immortalize said...

Count me in please...

kornel said...

hello program is super de best

Sharemore said...

The PerfectDisk 12 product line provides smarter optimization for all system drives. Improvements have been made throughout PerfectDisk 12 that result in up to 30% faster analyzes and optimization passes so users can work and play even faster. Plus, it saves energy costs by reducing the use of CPU and disk I/O resources.Shared on: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=230093113669788&id=100002319054415

Mark said...

Hope to be in luck.

TheGame said...

Awesome software, would love to win this!

amazingAG said...

Thanks for the nice giveaway. Its a great software, please count me in. 

Tomas31973 said...

PerfectDisk among 12 world class programs to defragment your disk. So please count me in the contest. Thank Leecher Mods:)http://twitter.com/#!/KAMYK38/status/79481193090908160

ha14 said...

My hard drive is doing some weired noises when writing on it, PerfectDisk can bring order to chaos.


AK2011 said...

Awesome giveaway! Raxco PerfectDisk is great. So please count me in. Thanks.


AK2011 said...

Sorry! Wrong share link. Correct link:

Siddharthat855 said...

Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in.


Broudka Logan said...

Thank you for this giveaway.


mario said...

these is the best disk defrag for me ! nice giveaway thanks!

arie said...

this is a nice software, please count me in on this great giveaway, thank you.

Dav532000 said...

Great Defrager App count me in.

1Yashiscool said...

Hello Please count me in.
I have also Retweeted your tweet.

jimi2061 said...

Excellent giveaway opportunity for a top-notch app!!  Count me in, here's my tweet:


Paf Borg said...

Hey Chris, great giveaway, thanks for organizing it. I've never tried PerfectDisk, but all the reviews say is one of the best. I would appreciate if you could count me in. Thanks in advance.
Shared here: http://twitter.com/?_twitter_noscript=1#!/pafborg/status/79652073876103168

Grr said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

I have liked on FB and shared:

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and am already an email-verified subscriber.

Please count me in this giveaway.

Thanks, Grr

Chriswan Winata said...

many thanks for the opportunity

I have shared this wonderful opportunity, http://www.facebook.com/cwinata/posts/232702420079232


sid said...

Nice giveaway.
shared here http://twitter.com/#!/sadsidh/status/79837573199048704
please count me in.

Mayur said...

Count me in....!
Thanks for giveaway....!

tackrik said...

great giveaway, I hope to be lucky, thank you

and also on FBhttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002544877905&sk=wall

tackrik said...


Pss0612 said...

Super PerfectDisk 12 program, please count me in the contest.
Thanks Leecher Mods for the contest..https://twitter.com/#!/pss0612/status/79937430874107905http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=110758759015944&id=100002335892204

Jar Woj said...

Good software. i would like to have one license.

Jar Woj said...

Good software. i would like to have one license.

Asrielrusdyawan said...

Please Count me in in this Giveaway!
Nice Giveaway Bro!

Hope I can Win a License for this giveaway!


Ptadeusz said...

I love PerfectDisk , this is great software !
Please Count me in in this Giveaway!

Raghz said...

I want to improve the performance of my HDD with the powerful technology "SMART PLACEMENT" of RAXCO ppl... I am in need of one...

Shared it @FB http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=220162458014306&id=100001106161730,

Jay said...

Great program to improve & optimize my pc performance. Thanks.

Scotty said...

Thanks for a great giveaway. Regards:)http://twitter.com/#!/ArimimochiChifu/status/80429718733729792

Suetonius said...

Great giveaway! PerfectDisk is perfect! Please count me in your contest. Here is my tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Suetonius2010/status/80430806945902592
Thanks a lot.

ToGor said...

Nice giveaway ...
Regards ...

allin77 said...

I use a program PerfectDisk has always been, is reliable.
I would like to have the latest version.


Emulehelper said...

PerfectDisk is a friendly alternative that picks up where Windows' Disk Defragmenter leaves off, adding powerful features, an attractive interface, and a top-notch help file with clear instructions and definitions.
Unfortunately, I do not have account on tw or fb.

aijay said...

this is the most reliable software i can trust, i am  using it for nearly for  a year. very much impressed by its ability to defragmentation as
by regular install & uninstall of softwares my HDD often became a hub of fragments file. thanks for this opportunity to win this valuable software.

Paul Crousel said...

Many thannks for this giveaway, a very important tool for keeping hard drive in good shape.

Rajesh Ghadye said...

Great Giveaway


Perfectdisk is best in its feature of SMART Placement, It is
most trusted one Hard disk utility. Love to have such one, Count me in for it

Facebook link


kurtum-i said...

Everyone must have a defragger,  ms Windows defragger is slow  and not the best software

AstroSkipper said...

 Thanks for this great giveaway. PerfectDisk is an fantastic tool to defrag partitions. Please count me in. Thanks in advance

Kitemmurt said...

great!  count me!

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