23 June 2011

eMule 0.50a SBI Leecher v2.31

eMule 0.50a SBI Leecher v2.31

Coded by: Butcho

Changelog / Features:

-some fixes of previous version
-some other code changes

-add upload/queue only after x mb download [sbi security]
-add auto add to friends after x kb download [sbi mod]
-add endless upload for single client[uploadqueue]
-add manual add client to ipfilter [transferwindow]
-add static ipfilter (ipfilterstatic.dat)[security options]
-add auto add banned leecher to ipfilterstatic.dat [sbi protection]
-add dazzle credit system [sbi mod]
-add no server adds (fix coded)
-add file backup [sbi backup]
-add boost friends/boost faktor [sbi mod]
-add manual establish friendslot [waitingqueue/uploadqueue]
-add automatic friend slot [connection options]
-add manual remove all friendslots [uploadqueue/waitingqueue/friendlist]
-add show empty disk space on title (fix coded) {thx B4n$h33}
-add fake alyzer [sbi protection]
-add extra download priorities [transferwindow]
-add second preview player possibility [transferwindow/files menu]
-add 70% score for non SI clients (fix coded)
-add dazzle faster endgame (fix coded)
-add total up/down column [transferwindow]
-add weekly file updates [sbi update]
-add ipfilter update all x hours [sbi update / sbi time]
-add kick/ban/clear-bans button [known clients/ downloading clients]
-add exclude friends from no upload/no queue settings [sbi security]
-add disable kick (t/mb) for single file [sharedfiles]
-add boost system for useful clients (fix coded)
-add stulle advanced transfer window layout (fix coded)
-changed server & kad search to global & kad search [search window]
-some fixes of previous version
-some other code changes

* you must restart emule that settings take effect...

Please delete your old preferences.ini file!

Binary Test OK (very good! and no empty reg keys)



Guest said...

Any chance of getting eMule 0.50a SBI Leecher v2.4????

Being registered in SBI for years yet still to received member status.

EEmulEE said...

Pls Butcho we are waiting for a new release of Emule SBI. Don't forget of us!!

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