16 June 2011

Hitman Pro 3 review and contest - Win a license

Hitman Pro 3 - Second Opinion Malware Scanner.

Hitman Pro 3 scans your PC of suspicious Virus threats and uploads the files found by scanning to Scan Cloud. The files will be online scanned with 5 (6) engines.

In Version Hitman Pro 3.5 that's:
Ikarus, Dr. Web, Emisoft, Prevx and G-Data (includes Avast and BitDefender).

We went deep in the underground in VX forums and others where new Viris get created and collected a few samples. Sure you can for testing purpose search on malwaredomainlist.com but there might be almost all Antivirus researchers and add in realtime new viri, tojans,... to the AV Products signature database updates already.

If you have a good AV installed there will be not much left to test it.
In real environment, searching on P2P networks such as eMule search brings as well some new samples to the daylight where your AV may fail to protect you from real threats.

On the test PC is Norton AV installed (the false positive detection by Norton is much higher as by Bitdefender) which did clean most of the samples but a few where left. Here comes Hitman Pro and detect the remaining viruses downloaded on the PC.

To produce False Positive its enough to cheat most AV's by using executable packers where the AV's can not unpack the compressed binaries to scan inside and list all files packed with it as virus. To name it, pack files with XComp/Xpack, nsPack, RL!Pack, FSG, kkrunchy,... By these and more executable packers compressed files, especially if you change 2 or 3 bytes in the PE header, all AV's give up and show you a Virus (false positive) unless you unpack the files manually (OllyDbg or alike).

Hitman Pro alert if a Authenticode digital signatures by a file is invalid and modified (Patched files).
By default if no Virus string is detected you see the option to 'ignore' in the results.

For more info how Hitman Pro work visit: http://www.surfright.nl/en/hitmanpro

Hitman Pro 3 is a must have addition to your protection to scan and remove malware.

You can download Hitman Pro as 32bit and 64bit version and test free from: http://www.surfright.nl/en/downloads/

Who want to test the latest Beta find the download here:
32-bit: http://dl.surfright.nl/HitmanPro35beta.exe
64-bit: http://dl.surfright.nl/HitmanPro35beta_x64.exe

Hitman Pro 3.5 Build 124 will be soon released.

10 license keys for Hitman Pro (1 year) are available for our readers.
Download and install Hitman Pro, post a screenshot with the scan result window and share this article with your friends.
From all comments we draw random 10 winners on 26. June 2011


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