09 June 2011

WinNc v5 - Norton Commander filemanager for Windows 7, Vista and XP (explorer replacement) review and GiveAway 15 Personal Licenses for our readers

WinNc is a tabbed file manager especially developed for Windows 7. It also works on the older versions of Windows. This NC clone file manager is inspired on the dual panel concept of the old file manager Norton Commander. It has shortcuts to all the Windows 7 special folders and the multiple tabbed interface allows you to organize your data by projects. Projects can include files and folders that are related to the project.

Download Latest Version
Download Latest Beta


Quickview - Quickview uses WinNc's internal to view the selected file in the other panel.
Editor - Editor for textfiles.
Zip and Mailto function - Select a number of files and/or directories you would like to zipped and then mailed.
Calculate Size - Calculates the total size of the selected files and directories.
Encryption - You can secure your files using the WinNc encryption method.
Print - Prints all the selected files using their host application.
Compare directories - Here you can compare two directories.
Compare files - Here you can compare two files.
Synchronize - Synchronizes including subdirectories.
Compare Text Files - Compares two text files.
Find Files - Here you can search for files using wild cards and search strings.
Create Shortcuts
Format Disk - Formats a floppy drive.
Connect Network Drive - Connects a network drive as a drive-letter.
Compression - WinNc can unpack compressed files with the following extensions:
.ZIP / .ARJ / .LZH / .RAR / .CAB / .LHA / .GZ / ._** (MSCOMPRESS) / .PAK / .ACE
Create self-extractor - WinNc can create a self-extracting file from a zip-file. This self-extractor can easily be used by users not familiar with Winzip, WinNc or Pkzip.
Fix Corrupted Zip File - Tries to fix a corrupted zip file.
Split Files - WinNc can split (big) files and merge them. This way you can easily transport large files on floppy (1.38 mb) or by email (e.g. 2.72 mb).
You can also use the BAT file WinNc created. The batch (BAT) file can be run on any other machine. WinNc does not need to be installed for a batch merge.
Compress wav to mp3 - WinNc can compress WAV or directly to MP3.
Extract CD to mp3 - WinNc can rip (extract) audio cd and encode them to WAV or directly to MP3.
Play mp3 Selection - WinNc can play playlist in the Winamp format.
Create mp3 playlist - WinNc can create playlist files in the Winamp format.
Create Backup - Simple but effective backup from the files in the backup list.
FTP - WinNc is able to copy, move, etc files to a machine / webpage connected to your network (intranet) or to the Internet using the "File Transfer Protocol"
CD-Burn and DVD Burn - WinNc.Net is able to burn cd's and dvd's data compilations. Audio feature will be available in the future.
Keyboard Shortcuts

WinNC average Memory usage is about 55 MB and need 50 MB disk space.
With WinNC it is much more easy to handle all the files on your Harddisk, Network drives and FTP.
The Program Language can be switched in 18 Languages and 11 beautiful Themes comes include.

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Latest Beta Changelog:

Changes in
- New translation options added
- Translation page significantly improved in speed
- Single click wait time of 500 ms
- Hovering rectangle optional
- Downloadable package for more folder icons
- Exception dialog visually improved
- Exception log

Changes in
- Improved testing of network drives
- Single click operation with shift/ctrl or alt improved
- Exception dialog improved

Changes in
- Synchronize uses fastcopy for disk synchronization
- Netconnect can connect or disconnect a group of shares
- Split and merge total file size fixed

Compare with Windows Explorer and Total Commander

15 Personal Licenses are available for our readers with product updates for 5.x and full support.

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The Licenses will be send to the winner from Winnc.net. We forward the winners email addresses include the Names for the License to Dunnes MultiMedia.

We draw on 14. June random the 15 winners and announce them.

Visitors who do not fulfill the requirements are excluded from this GiveAway.

Many thanks to WinNc - Dunes MultiMedia!


gjon said...

wow! WinNC  is awsome! http://twitter.com/#!/gjon91/status/78919952941318144

Jacksmith2222 said...

thanks guy... can you count me in??
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malkhaz said...

Great giveaway. I really need a good replacement for windows explorer, and this program is surely what I want.
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Compservice7 said...

very very good software! thanks leechermods for this nice giveaway!

Terieron said...

A very good program for file management! Great giveaway.
Thanks leechermods!
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vince said...

i am using xplorer2 all this while and very happy with it, a pro version for this would be great.
Nonetheless, I shall give WinNC v5 a try. The new interface and multitab features look good. Other features I like is the build-in-search, compare files and sync.


xu_n said...

A useful program for managing file, performed ur requirements and shared this
Thannks and plz include me 

arie said...

thank you for this great software giveaway, please count me in, i would like to use this newer norton commander, make me remember my dos times..

Sheldon366 said...

Please count me in

Asrielrusdyawan said...

Please Count me in Bro!
I want to test this multiple-tools..

Hope I can win a license for this Giveaway!


olobambolo said...

Super program, very useful. Has a lot of features. I would love to win it. Thanks Leecher Mods for the contest:D

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Vaibhav Srivastava said...

awesome giveaway, i am also in queue...


Wolfson said...

Very good program. Count me in. 


walang_sangit said...

I previously hesitated to participate in this giveaway, but after reading the reviews from some other website I was so interested and of course I hope to win


Azziz Mouloud said...

Thanks for this fine software and has many good features that lacks windows explorer.


vhick said...

One of the best windows explorer alternative.

Thank you for the giveaway!


Marek said...

Please count me in
good luck to all.
Thanks for giveaway.

Sysabi said...

http://twitter.com/#!/sysabi/status/79232604636852224  I have sentiment to Norton Commander since I used this software in DOS system! I hope I win a one license!

Mark said...

Count me in

art said...

Great contest. Please count me in.
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Telor Ceplok said...

Let us prove the sophistication of this Norton Commander. I have shared on my Facebook wall:http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/eenzz

ha14 said...

Handy when windows explorer crashes also will let to see where the space is gone and to track junks and duplicates.

Siddxxxx said...

Thanks for this Giveaway sir.I want this soft.Please count me in.


AK2011 said...

Great giveaway! Norton Commander clone! Very interesting. Please count me in. Thanks and regards

jimi2061 said...

 Very interesting app.  Windows Explorer definitely needs replacement.   https://twitter.com/#!/jimi2061/status/79627589920112640  

Grr said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

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qwer0 said...

Very good soft so count me.. i hope that post in my own blog will be enough 'cause i don't have twiter or fb account..

my share: http://aciddy.blogspot.com/2011/06/winnc-v5-review-and-giveaway-at-leecher.html


Suetonius said...

 Nice giveaway. Useful tool. Please count me in. My tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Suetonius2010/status/80433369560776705
Thanks & regards

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