15 June 2011

One from 15x Licenses for Total Uninstall Professional have the following readers won

From our Contest of 15x Total Uninstall Pro have won a license:

  1. Jeet Dholakia
  2. Ptadeusz
  3. Missktrin
  4. Andrew
  5. amazingAG
  6. Sravi
  7. Bero
  8. Bionic
  9. Dickdg
  10. Vader7
  11. Ibrahim
  12. Marek Kos
  13. emre
  14. Leona
  15. Safecn
Congratulations to a ll winners!

The license will be send to your email within 24h.

Please read the End User License Agreement first:


Ptadeusz said...

Wow !
Thanks !
Congratulations to all winners!

Marek said...

Thanks for the license Total Uninstall Professional 
Congratulation to all winners.

Bionic said...

Congrats all, it's a nice price.
Total Uninstall beats hands down competitive products such as revo & uninstall tool.
it's remarkably good uninstalling/removing remnants & can also backup all your programs.

Thank you very much Chris and Gavrila Martau.

walang_sangit said...

congratulations to the winners, I hope in the near future there will be a giveaway for this software anymore, because I will try my luck again :)

vhick said...

Congratulation to all lucky winners. This a powerful software for uninstalling software debris. :)

amazingAG said...

Thanks for the license Chris :)

Bero said...

Thank you Chris. Congratulations to all the winners. 



Ibrahim said...

Thanks! Chris =) I received my license.

Hahr1981 said...

On what basis the winner are selected?

Admin said...

Random draw

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