26 June 2011

HHD Device Monitoring Studio review + Network Monitor 2 Licenses to GiveAway

Device Monitoring Studio (DMS) is a modular application, like Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe) but on steroids.

DMS's main functions are as follows:

  • Monitoring Devices
  • Serial (built-in, virtual, etc...)
  • USB (storage, HID, etc...)
  • Network Connections (all protocols, packet filtering, etc...)
  • Serial Bridge (RS-232 DTE, MODBUS, PPP, etc...)
  • Logging and Log File Playback
  • Advanced Tools
  • Serial Terminal
  • Scripting

The features listed above are just the main ones.

DMS's modular design allows the user to configure a monitoring session with as many of the modules, and tools he or she wishes.

DMS also allows the user to control and configure how the data is filtered, processed, and displayed as well.

At first glance DMS looks complex and overwhelming, because of its countless features, but unlike many other software suites, DMS's modular design allows you easy access to complex functions whether you're a professional or a novice.

Click for Fullscreen view | Watch on YouTube

Here is brief list of Network Monitor (DMS) advantages:

  1. Integration with USB and Serial Port monitoring modules now forms the Device Monitoring Studio which is a standalone software only solution to monitor almost all ports and connections of the computer.
  2. Extreme performance for REAL TIME monitoring and analyzing all data exchanges.
  3. Statistic view for REAL TIME monitoring and analyzing data flows.
  4. Real time data logging with ability to replay session back later even on different PC.
  5. Product doesn't consume computer resources like any others. It also capable to handle fast transfers without delays.
  6. You can Search for data patterns even on 10 - 100 Gb of the monitored data!
  7. Flexible monitored data view shares same functionality to the famous Hex Editor Neo including custom coloring and pattern highlighting.
  8. Multiple selection concept all over the data view.
  9. Custom data filtering.
  10. Most flexible pricing scheme available on the market. It will share similar price differentiation to the Serial or USB modules. Here is example (please note: prices is a subject to change): http://www.hhdsoftware.com/usb-monitor/prices 

Reviewed by Matt

More info

2x Single Licenses of Network Monitor Professional regular for Non-Commercial Use (worth 97.05 EUR each) we GiveAway in Cooperation with HHD Software.

To join this contest, download and install the trial version and post a meaningful comment about the software.

Share the news with your friends on Facebook/Twitter/Forums and Personal Blogs.

On 10. July 2011 we draw random from all meaningful comments 2 winners of Network Monitor Professional Regular License for Non-commercial purpose and forward the email addresses from the winners to HHD Software for the licenses.


Alex said...

Thanks Chris and hhdsoftware for Another great giveaway!
Very powerful and interesting program. HHD Device Monitoring Studio uses only 22 Mb of memory. 
DSM traces and writes down almost any movement on your computer.
Very necessary thing for those who values the information.
DSM provides a complete control of any network connections.
DSM very much will help as developers, managers of networks
and as and to the advanced users who love the computer,
value the private information,and watch a condition and behaviour of the "iron friend”
(Forgive my English...)


ha14 said...

This ia a fantastic software to guard pc connection from outside, handy to find out what went wrong throught the reading of the log files concerning connections such as usb and others.

Rui Fonseca said...

Very useful software for administering LAN resources and controlling network traffic for restricted content.
Count me in.

Briareoushex said...

Fantastic application to control data flow and see network traffic.

Robin said...

I have been using BitMeter but it does not work on 64 bit Win7.   Hopefully a copy of this will solve my problems.

Alex said...

Good software/

my_immortalize said...

It is useful software for administering LAN...Count me in please...

Sysabi said...

Sorry but Network Monitor doesn't work on my computer - Win7 x64. First of all program started corecctly, but after few seconds - crashed! By the way, I would like a one license - for my brother computer. Here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/sysabi/status/85699698308038656

Asrielrusdyawan said...

Please Count me in for this Giveaway.
Hope I can win a license for this Giveaway.


Fredsz said...

Thanks a lot for the giveaway,

Please count me inn !

Thank You Leechermods !!!

Grr said...

Thanks for the giveaway. My share below:

My view:
1. need a separate installer for X64-bit
2. good for detailed network traffic
3. ok interface. Could have Windows-7 kind of look
4. easy to navigate/use.

Please count me in.

Thanks, Grr

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