02 August 2007

BitTorrent 6.0 Mininova EdiTion - µBiTnova w/o Callhome (phone home)

BitTorrent 6 - uTorrent 1.72 Mod MiniNovaµBitTorrent Version 6 Beta Mininova.org EdiTion* Based on uT/BT latest build.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (or P2P) protocol used for the distribution of large files.
More information:

- Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide
- The Wikipedia BitTorrent page

BitTorrent in Version 6.0 and upcoming versions are the same as the last µTorrent 1.7x builds. BitTorrent comes with a own installer include a second application DNA.exe (proxy) with a control panel applet witch is not required but supposed to be.


- Mininova Movies
- Mininova TV Shows
- Mininova Music
- Mininova Games

Removed 4u'r anonymity:
- Update (http://update.bittorent.com; update.utorrent.com; download.*.com)
- router.utorrent.com and others (http://router.utorrent.com ...) - DHT works without it.
- Search redirect search.utorrent.com (http://search.utorrent.com ...
- dna.exe and cpl

- Limit Peer Connections fixed (Connecting to Peers limitation)

The Ping-Pong Server Game should be fixed!!! It's fast as uT v1.5 - v1.6

Search Default Toolbar: Torrentz.com
Please change it under Preference->Settings->Advanced-> gui.bypass_search_redirect -> true

Download Nova BitTorrent:
DDL1 - DDL2 - DDL3 - DDL4
FileShare Hosting Mirrors: Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3 - Mirror4 ...more Mirrors1 ...Mirrors2 ...Mirrors3

µBiTnova.rar (297.47 KB) - Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3 - more Mirrors - DDL

Mirros 2x (click 2xupload link => MultiDL in Menu):
µBiTnova.rar (0.3MB)

µBiTnova.exe (0.6MB)

µBiTnova µT v1.72 - BT v6.0B as simple setup:

- Language File added (German 4 now only, English is standard)
- Help menu (F1) changed to download latest Help.chm file English (offline help Version)
- some phrase corrections
- Icon uTorrent ( for extras read "BitTorrent 6 Build 3495 Beta vs µTorrent 1.7.2 Build 3458" How to import your uTorrent settings/Downloads/Theme Design/IPFilter.dat/flags.conf...
- Bon Echo / Firefox BitTorrent Plugin 1 added from BitTorrent 6.0 Beta (type in url bar: about:plugins) File name: npbittorrent.dll
- WEBUI v0.310b2 added
- WEBUI Flash uTorrent Alternative Web Interface v0.7 By Dean North added
- Firefox WEBUI extension added (This extension makes the µTorrent Web UI easier to use in Firefox. http://bin.thinkpond.org/site/utorrentext)
To install the WEBUI follow instructions in \Program Files\BitTorrent\README.txt. The Firefox extension utorrentext-0.1.5.xpi can be installed by open the extension manager in Firefox and Co. Gecko Webbrowser and drag 'n drop into it.

Download: µBiTnova µT v1.72 - BT v6.0B setup.exe (537.54 KB) - Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Mirror3 - Mirror4 - Mirrors1 - Mirrors2 - Mirrors3 - Mirrors4 - DDL1 - DDL2 - DDL3 - DDL4

This is NOT a Leecher mod!
Click to view
Extras: BitTorrent 6 Extras.rar (2,81 MB) - Mirrors1 - Mirrors2 - Mirrors3 - DDL

P.S.: mininova.org ads free:
- http://ads.mininova.org/adx.js rule: *ads.*
- #*(id^=adSpot)
- http://ads.mininova.org/adjs.php?n=580210765&what=zone:1&exclude=, http://ads.mininova.org/adjs.php?n=366457506&what=zone:2&exclude=, http://ads.mininova.org/adjs.php?n=427340484&clientid=26&exclude=,
rule: adjs.php

Counter less:
- http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js rule: urchin.js
- http://hit.clickaider.com/clickaider.js rule: clickaider.js
...and the site is clean as never b4

News Source: a IRC channel @voice

Developers (The reasons µTorrent / BitTorrent 6.0 exists):
- alus (Greg Hazel)
- arvid (Arvid Norberg)
- CodeRed
- ludde (Ludvig Strigeus)
- rchoi (Richard Choi)
- RyanNorton (Ryan Norton)

Overall Helpers:
- DreadWingKnight (Harold Feit)
- Firon (Giancarlo Martínez)
- ...

* The name Mininova are not in combination to any of there stuff from them websites. The web links are just changed to a free torrent download site from the commercial shopping page links in BT v6.0


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