31 August 2007

Emule OfF+ 2.0 by NoXZ

emule off+

Coded by: >>>>>> NoXZ <<<<<<
Supplier: >>>> Snakedoctor <<<<
eMule 0.47c - Off+ v2

21 Mars 2007

-Le mod à était refait pour retirer les erreurs accumulées
-Optimisation of Drop auto
-Block Dropped src for 10 min (NNS & FullQ)
-Management of src KAD
-Send a Fake Rank during the NO-UP
-Percentage Client
-Send a random message to the ModThief and NickThief users (show in the log)
-Ban Community user (SNAFU)
-Some changes of no importance in "preferences.ini" (look stats - remove the date of the log)

-Emulate Settings
-AntiFakerank Setting
-fakeRank Setting
-"boost KAD & Sources Exchange" Settings
-All official fix

Homepage: http://leecher-and-co.blog.com

Download: eMule v0.47c - Off+ v2.0.rar (1.49MB)
Mirror: eMule v0.47c - Off+ v2.0.rar (1.49 MB) - eMule v0.47c - DaZZle OfF+ v2.0x.rar
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(Данный файл должен скачиваться через дополнительную рекламу. Для того чтобы продолжить, пожалуйста, введите цифры указанные на картинке -:))

Whoever has edited here and other entries around this blog. It cannot change over night from alone. Since a certain element has the IP if Brute-Force in the game was, it's recorded.


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