03 August 2007

eMule 0.48a Razorback Next Generation 3 v4.1

eMule Razorback Next Generation 3 - v4.1

spezial features:

-adjustable Highspeed Credit System (Applejuice)
- Dual Server Connect (same as in eMuleBT)
- advanced security features
- Highspeed Community
- Webbrowser

Changelog 4.1:
- stores your highspeedcredits after closing (24h)
Changelog 4.0:
- update to 0.48a + Community Boost ;-)
Changelog 3.2:
- added: Razorback 3 Trust Center
- added: clean Serverlist updater
- improved: Razorback 3 Upload Slotmanagement
- improved: passive source finding
- increased: Speed for Higspeed Credit downloads
- reduced: CPU Usage
Changelog 3.1:
-adjustable Highspeed Credit System (Applejuice)
- improved Community Source Exchange
- Fakeresultsfilter 0.2
Changelog 3.0:
- Dual Server Connect
- added: RB3 Optimizer for LowID
- added: Fakeresultsfilter 0.1

Homepage: eMule v0.48a Razorback 3 Edition v4.1

Download Installer
Download Binary


A good Mod with a strong global community, many sources are garanted.


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