10 August 2007

eMule 0.48a AeOnFlux 0.8 By B4n$h33


AeOnFlux 0.8:
update code to xtreme 6.1-SE
fix powerrelease
+add boost friend
+add "28″ others modstring & "1″ spam message to "AntiLeech"

AeOnFlux 0.7:
fix dynamic block request
fix total upload download
fix uploadmanagement
+add autokick >3mb or >30 minutes
+add fakerank
+add Show downloadrate (in color blue in queuelist list)
+add Show RQR/Speed (queuelist list)
-remove fakerank undetected

AeOnFlux 0.6:
fix limit download & upload (up limit 2K)
change file bufer size 31mb (7.5mb in default)
change preference limit values sources
change Queue Size
change variable compression
-remove autoKick variable
-remove fakerank
+add auto file reask secure
+add autokick >3mb
+add extended uploadmanagement
+add fakerank undetected
+add manual reask secure & drop & ban (download list)
+add manual reask for download & ban (queuelist list)
+add manual reask for download & Kick & Ban (upload list)
+add max Queuerank in DL 4000
+add upload in color
+add Upload only to eMule Clients
+add Upload4Upload (in color blue)
+add uploadmanagement

Forum Mirror

eMule 0.48a AeOnFlux 0.8.rar (6.02 MB) | Mirrors1 | Mirrors2 | DDL1
eMule 0.48a AeOnFlux 0.7.rar (6.00 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors | DDL1
eMule 0.48a AeOnFlux 0.6.rar (5.85 MB)
eMule 0.48a AeOnFlux 0.5.rar (5.90 MB)

Thanks, Merci, Spasibo, Grazie, Obrigado


Anonymous said...

magnifico mod! gracias!

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