25 August 2007

eMule 0.48a VeryCD Build 070824 beta

eMule v0.48a VeryCD Build 070824 beta


eMule v0.48a Build 070824 beta[2007-08-24]

Translated by Google:

VeryCD inherit not only the Chinese version of the English original of all characteristics, but also aligned with the customary use of Internet users in China on the basis of the effort to laptops, making the already complex professional proficiency with the software used up.

The eDonkey2000 web-based peer-to-peer file-sharing tool offers all the standard features from eDonkey and also provides many additional functions by many netizens love! The latest version of the integrated wired connections Kad further beyond the boundaries of the server, with the world's more than 2 million Iomega users to share resources.


eMule v0.48a Build 070824 beta[2007-08-24]
1. Solving: time-off procedure is sometimes not responding
2. Resolved: slow download and upload speed
3. Resolved: collapse when a Update will be
4. Optimization: automatically update

Homepage: http://www.emule.org.cn/download/

Download Installer:
Download BIN as Update exe only (w/o Toolbar): http://download.verycd.com/eMule/eMule-0.48a-VeryCD070824-Update.exe

Unpack with Universal Extractor the Update setup. You found in folder eMule-0.48a-VeryCD070824-Update\$R2
emule.exe (4,92 MB) and updater.exe (212 KB)

Cut by new releases after the datestring the word Beta.exe and replace with after datestring: -Update.exe
There no public Download links by them Homepage except the Forum cause VeryCD eMule 0.48a comes with integrated Update function!

New Releases you can downloaded by knowing filename added to url: http://download.verycd.com/eMule/eMule-0.48a-VeryCD....dateBeta.exe
Bin (update) only ...date-Update.exe

use Universal Extractor 1.6 to extract without installation up to every Installer setup here, eChanblardNext and by BitTorrent save you unneeded rest files, unwanted toolbars and more. Most or all applications run without installer.

Mirrors @Anxz.com eMule v0.48a VeryCD Build 070824 beta
FileSharing Host Mirrors: eMule-0.48a-VeryCD070824Beta.exe (3.5 MB)
Google is Toolbar include the 7zip Installer Pack!

Download BIN only without the Toolbar: eMule-0.48a-VeryCD070824Beta.rar (2.47 MB) - Mirrors

LW thanks for reprinting with our translation errors :) :))

SRC (Source) as usually in them Forum VeryCD BBS (emule.org.cn) Beta section. The Mod is gem. GNU GPL.