29 August 2007

Instruction for Readers

How to access the (new) Domains Blog/Forum/Changelog (journal) DOC's/FTP/24h-48h random server location / subdomains (alt. /xxxx.Domain.TLD)* use the virtual subdomains. TCL and others:
1. To block rest Counter logging IP's
2. RSS Feeds and access to updated access protected feeds
3. Access Groups to ftp and expire time of temp folders downloads (RS-DL Files,...)
4. Custom Browser UA (User-Agent) string requirements by all Web browser IE, Opera, Mozilla and others
FF and Mozilla editing of a file is required, use a batch file to switch on/off. Reject same as by proxy access by settings off. Please visit first a test page "What is my UserAgent string". More info see here and here. Do not browse outside the Domains with enabled specific user-agent extension!!! Advanced users can use other ways to do the required UA changes in them Webbrowser. The uniqued ID must be follow after (...). For example: Browser ( version language,... do no changes here its used by +bots ) ********yourid here. The string will be send to you via email its an extension to your login id.
5. Keywords by request/post HTTP Referer using FF RefControl Extension, IE Reg.key enable / disable (links and navigation). Outpost Firewall edit entry 『Field blocked by Outpost (http://www.ag...) 』, ref disable option *see Headers
6. Access (for special, blocked ISP's and IP Ranges [confirmed only]) using our Proxy Access login as Gateway
7. Catch Readers not updated (Visitors, only readers should read archived pages)
8. How to edit the UA string by Torrent Clients to access the P2P test server. Please use first the test after you done by a new version the required changes. If it show 2 times failed, change the client to another one and do the changes. If you try 3 times with wrong indent your account is blocked to the p2p test group.
9. Access to eMule Test Server and the changing ip's
10. others

In a few words you must know and can control your Web Browser Referer, UserAgent (UA) string in addition to your Login Username + Pass.

If you don't have any knowledge about what is written above or think you can not follow the instruction basics, do not apply.

Don't fall down stairs


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