07 August 2007

Throttle v6.8.6.2007 (06.Aug.2007)

It's Chinese but click Help ? Icon and a English Menu appear!

Throttle one of your modem connection optimization tool. Throttle can boost your Internet connection speed optimization up to 200% higher.
Speed Settings for Analog Modems: 14.4, 28.8, 36, 56 KB/s
and Cable, ISDN, DSL and other Modems.

Throttle can make your dial-up connections more stable and reduce re-link the number, which means you can faster download and Internet browsing.
Optimize your internet connection by modifying your
Dial-up, DSL, ADSL, Cable, ISDN, and Satellite modem settings.
Faster internet speeds!

Throttle 一个将你的调制解调器连接优化的工具。Throttle 号称可以将你的 Internet 连接速度优化到200% 或者更高. 支持14.4、28.8、36、56K、Cable、ISDN、DSL等各种Moedem.Throttle 可以使你的拨号连接更稳定和减少重新连接的次数, 这意味着你可以更快地下载和浏览 Internet。

用户名:Fox.Soft2CN.CoM 注册码: 655710376692711340+19+19
用户名:MoDs.sub.cc 注册码: 61822292295080460+1+1089111

Download + Mirrors: Throttle v6.8.6.2007.rar (754.38 KB)

Older Version (14.May.2007) English:
Throttle v6.5.14.2007.exe (630.2 KB)

Throttle v6.8.6.2007 English

Callhomes removed! This baby phones in original home and send your IP info out!
Clean version here, pre-registered!

Download: Throttle v6.8.20.2007.exe (625.98 KB)


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