05 August 2008

eMule 0.48a BlackStar V0.9 Authentification hack

eMule BlackStar V0.9 Latest Version by 3vil3y3 Auth. Hacked
New emule mod BlackStar V0.9 (r3)by 3vil3y3 based on emulefuture V0.5

BlackStar V0.9 by 3vil3y3 based on emulefuture V0.5
Main features:
BlackStar Optimized mod for especially long sessions & rare files (tested with 13 clients for 4 month :) )
3vil3y3 SuPm , Stronger , Dynamic & Smart Upload Manager
3vil3y3 Fakerank ,Powerfull fakerank (hard to detect)
3vil3y3 QsMaN , Smarter way for download Sharing
3vil3y3 Booster & reBooster , Smart & dynamic boost/reverse boost Mechanism
3vil3y3 Antileecher , Advanced Antileecher & Suspect Client Detect Mechanism
Modstring randomizer
Classic download sharing
Do not share incoming files & never send to server as file complete
Auto & Manuel Dropping
Adjustable Ban time , up to 90 hour ;)
Manual Kick & Ban
Z3r0 upload
All functions under user's control ;)
And many others .
modded by 3vil3y3
Mod Password is hacked / not more required!

Download no Auth. Hack Patch for Blackstar:

Download Patch - Mirror

Download Mod:
Download_BlackStar_V0.9.rar - Mirror

All credits to someone

Nachtrag 2008-8-6
Seba14 thanks for the mirror @ http://www.seba14.org/download-manager.php?id=66
where you used the patch who someone did for us. Its been released original + patch.


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