28 August 2008

eMule v0.49a HyperTraxx v2.01 (AppleJuice) by Ekliptor

eMule 0.49a HyperTraxx 2.01
Changelog eMule v0.49a HyperTraxx v2.01:
July, 27. 2008
based on eMule v0.49a

Topfile List:
- reworked filtering of old Topfiles (we now filter all Topfiles published by a client older than eMule v0.49b)
- increased number of sources a file must have to become a Topfile
- don not count modified Applejuice Clients to Topfile sources

- readded Crew Login / Release Mod Activation
- fixed bug on Upload Level code which could cause too much cpu load
- fixed minor bug deleting session Applejuice Credits after loading Applejuice Credits

Changelog eMule v0.49a HyperTraxx v2.0:
June, 10. 2008
based on eMule v0.49a

- updated Community Network (mainly used for saving Applejuice Credits and Community Topfiles) with Kad Obfuscation
- start loading Applejuice Credits after Kad UDP Firewallcheck is finished
- old Community Topfiles have now a very low priority
- some other upadtes and changes on Community Network

- VDSL 25mbit/s and 50mbit/s available in connection wizard
- some minor changes and fixes

Download: eMule.v0.49a.HyperTraxx.v2.01.bin.zip 3.04 MB


Anonymous said...

Credits load run via UDP by AJ.
Therefore UDP PAcket monitoring and record it doring save AJ credit file (watch UDP at this moment) and by load AJ credits. Send saved udp packet stream and received with the credit loaded file as comment here.
AJ Credit fake mod impl.

Anonymous said...

Relieser crew funktiniert nicht, gibs den dafür noch keinen crack? Wenn ja bitte posten danke...

Anonymous said...

Nimm doch den Atlantis.Da ist
nen Patch bei.
Hat die gleichen Funktionen...

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