06 August 2008

eMule v0.49a Fireball v3.0 Releaser Mod hacked

Releasing for all - Releaser Crew for everybody!

Login with any name and any password
No server check, Releaser Crew features active!
Limits are gone.

Rar Password: mods.sub.cc

Download : eMule_v0.49a_Fireball_v3.0_CRACK.rar - Mirror2 - Mirror3 - Mirror4

Mod info Versions and changelog

News Source: http://www.fxp.co.il/showthread.php?t=1911236


Anonymous said...

mirror 3......

"emule 0%2e48a - BlackStar V0%2e9 R3 Hacked

no fireball

Recon said...

= Fireball Hacked

other was sebas clone of the patch from us applied on BlackStar

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hack, in my opinion the releaser crew features are pretty outdated, ineffective, and to sum it up, quite underwhelming; to be brief their are much better mods with much better features, i think its funny that these modders would choose to lock users out of these basic features, and then go and call them releaser crew features, lol.

Anonymous said...

Did awaiting more from ekliptors releaser mod. ZZ-R works by me much better as mod to release files

Anonymous said...

its true if you want features that are really for releasers go with a mL or a morph 4u mod.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to enable the releaser features just wonder how they can release with this few outdated releaser functions. Nice to test it out but thanks it's not a good releaser mod. ZZUlti runs by me better.

Anonymous said...

eMule v0.48a [zzUlti-R Basic-R-C V1.7]
Very good Releaser-Mod.
Better than Atlantis..
Sorry my English ;-((

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