18 August 2008

eMule 0.49b ZZ-R V1.3 beta

eMule 0.49b ZZ-R V1.3 beta


ZZ-R V1.3 beta (eMule 0.49b)

+ ZZ-R custom Argos Leecher Protection
+ Dont ban Friends/Community/Releaser/Powershare
+ Smart Category Control (SCC)
+ Total Up/Down Color
+ TreeControl
+ Fixed ChunkDetail display in Uploadlist
+ Fixed sort client percentage
+ Fixed Total Up/Down display
+ Exploitfix
+ Other little fixes
+ German language file updated for SCC

- Removed old Leecher Protection
- emule.exe not UPX compressed for beta-test dump's

-----> copy antiLeech.dll, dlp.dll, leechers.dat to config folder <-----

-----> delete LeecherFilterList.dat, LeecherStaticList.dat from config folder <-----


DLP filter Mod/Nickstring/Userhash in leechers.dat

Use Dynamic Leecher Protection -> off = use all level you set in leechers.dat

Use Dynamic Leecher Protection -> on = 3 + < 3 / low / if you set low, dlp use all
levels you set in leechers.dat 3 and smaler 3

2 + < 2 / normal / if you set normal, dlp use all
levels you set in leechers.dat 2 and smaler 2

1 / high / if you set high, dlp use only
level 1 you set in leechers.dat

----> All other settings push edit button in options/protection and read in leechers.dat <-----

----> Info: http://www.hightime.info.ms <-----

ZZ-R is developed by morph4u

This mod is unbelievable fast. I have downloaded in a few seconds from ed2k

Might be on of the best releaser mods:
eMule.0.49b.ZZ-R.V1.3.beta.(ex.ZZULtimativ-R).rar Stats

http: eMule.0.49b.ZZ-R.V1.3.beta.(ex.ZZULtimativ 3.68 MB - Mirror - DDL

some more eMule mods:
eMule 0.49b Chimera v0.1.rar BRANDNEW but unfortunate I can't load it. The Italian source let not higher in queue as to position 8 then back to 12 - 25 or higher.
older mod: eMule-ACAT-r186-x.rar 2.33 MB

Virus Alert by emule mods!!!
Don't load ed2k://|file|eMule%200.49b%20Chimera%20v0.1%20(multilanguage).rar|4164555|7074CF3A0CCEA8DC57352CB124EBCE91|/

All files with hash=7074CF3A0CCEA8DC57352CB124EBCE91

are Viruses in ed2k net
see: europe navman f15 v1.4.8.1 cracked.rar size always 3.97 MB (4 Mb (4164555 bytes)
) and have more than 20 source up to 200.. 300 sources and more! This are not emule mods! Something index search requests and fake, if many requests files with possible size virus in ed2k net!!!
22_gui_4 .exe Shit virus!!!

In the filenames mostly the word: (multilanguage) or (no cd) or v1.4.8.1 inside is a emule.exe which is in real 22_gui_4.exe Rootkit.Win32.Agent VIRUS!!!

Screenshot and read more here: http://forum.emulesecurity.net/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2627&whichpage=1

...(22_gui_4.exe di circa 3 MB - in effetti troppi per la dll che cercavo ...)
Una versione apparentemente "buona" e della giusta dimensione era invece un trojan
...appena finita una scansione online solo 3 avir rilevano un problema: Rootkit.Win32.Agent.ajn

...(22_gui_4.exe of about 3 MB - in fact too many for the dll I was looking for ...)
A version apparently "good" and the right size was a trojan
...just finished a scan online only 3 avir detect a problem: Rootkit.Win32.Agent.ajn

Windows Live OneCare + Avast Pro in latest Versions find and eliminate complete it - Reboot required (boot scan option on!). Most Av's left rests of this virus on disk.

Please read my article as I got infected with this Virus by downloading emule v1.4.8.1 No rootkit scanner did the job to remove the rests


Anonymous said...

sweet, cant wait to test

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol, ya the only source seeding the chimera client on ed2k doesent appear to be uploading any, good luck getting that mod, i've been trying for some days now

Anonymous said...

smae by me I try over 3 days to get chimera client mod, no luck.
Italy don't want to share it or have 0up.

Anonymous said...

Caution there is another Chimera eMule which is a virus!!!

do not download this link:


22_gui_4 .exe Shit virus!!!

Anonymous said...

hallo, Ein Automatischer Hartlimit würde viel besser sein als dieses globalen hartlimit, grad bei no share ist der Automatische hartlimit viel besser.

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