14 August 2008

µtorrent 1.8 build 11813 leecher pack by seba14

NEW!!! based on the final µtorrent 1.8 build 11813
"some bugs fixed and new mods include"

µtorrent 1.8__mult10_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult11_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult10_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult11_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult100_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult101_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult111_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult100_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult101_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__mult111_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup1x_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup2x_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup5x_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup8x_leecher.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup1x_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup2x_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup5x_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__fakeup8x_seeder.exe
µtorrent 1.8__noreport.exe
µtorrent 1.8__report.exe
µtorrent 1.8__stealth.exe

Feature list for each mod and IP filter updater included! DHT always can be always enabled!


Download site:


Anonymous said...

Hihi welcome to the jungle, was have this 7 years ago in Indo. The first you will need is some standby emergency power diesel generators. Isolation material that you wast not to much energy through the walls if you use aircons. Don't forget about water tanks and bring your internet and phone via global sattelite connection with you

Anonymous said...

seba14 is a hero !

Anonymous said...

Looks like seba copied now completly SB-Innovation mods quite lame first complaining about fix key and now using it the same way

Recon said...

Is this Armadilled too?
I cant load it. Just seen the size and did guess it's clean upx same as original. I will not run 1 or 2 or 3 MB (micro) utorrent. Not only cause of the much to big filesize look in process monitor by armadillo protector. Why should use more ressources if can be done compact. I dislike some protectors. Some AV's can not scan them too. By all secrets in space, freeware is freeware modded or not. Look that guy from emule

BigBang new version 2.6 "Obsidium Software Protection" called security update, very sick.

All of these protectors are to unpacked if have time then use the unpacking script.

Recon said...

And how should I link to sb innovation download if its good?

No portal there no downloadable links. Put it on a freehost so that it can be downloaded or submit it here if it will be given for free to test it.

Backlinks to homepage will be always posted.

Anonymous said...

DHT always enabled is the best in all. Especialy if you use trackerless torrents

Anonymous said...

"Looks like seba copied now completly SB-Innovation mods quite lame first complaining about fix key and now using it the same way"

If its the same without anoying splash and the utorrent mods UPX, just like the original µTorrent lightweight its perfect!

Recon said...

This is cool:

This burglary protection system is encrypts through the server time, the encryption field term of validity and the click time must in the identical minute, will otherwise be unable to download. If downloads the defeat with IE, please heavy, do not have this question with flashget. Moreover the home station also provides 2 not security downloading addresses, does not want to change manually, changes downbak_200809.asp, cqoltel-downs2 downen_200809.asp to change cqoltelbak-downs2 or gd165-downs changes gd165bak-downs to be possible。
This document is provided to try out, please delete in 24 hours after finishing try out, if have problem to please upforumsay, I will reply as soon as possible.

BitSpirit. Download
is work no more in version to higher. This document is provided to try out, please delete in 24 hours after finishing try out, if have problem to please upforumsay, I will reply as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Wanted: Non-emulated Freezer Cartridges (31.12.2007 update)

(already dumped/supported versions in parenthesis)
- X-Power Professional 500 (v1.2/X-Copy v3.2, v1.3/X-Copy v3.4)
- Nordic Power (v1.5, v2.0, v3.0)
- Bus Stop (none)
- Pro Access (none)
- Action Cartridge Super IV Pro loader disk images. (v1.2, v1.3 german)
- Action Replay (v1.00, v1.50, v2.05, v2.12, v2.14, v3.09, v3.17)

(or cartridge ROM images if you have (EP)ROM reader. Note: Nordic Power
and X-Power ROMs are scrambled, scrambling method is known.)

WinUAE 1.5.1 (12.08.2008)

Major 1.5.0 bugs fixed:

- Failed to start with some display card/driver combinations.
- Regular (non-RDB) OFS formatted hardfiles didn't mount under KS 1.3.
- Memory corruption in configuration file handling causing random
crashes when loading or saving configuration files.
- Configuration files in subdirectories didn't load if configuration
cache was enabled.
- RTG hardware mouse cursor may have been invisible (or had
wrong graphics) in some cases after resolution change.
- Switching between non-interlaced and interlaced modes caused random
"scanline" graphics corruption.


Anonymous said...

I have some of this Cartridges and an Epromer. Will send it when Im back in my hollidays

Anonymous said...

What are premuim account by bittorrent?
Never had heard about this thought it is p2p not rapidshare or any filehoster

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