13 August 2008

eMule v0.49b ZZUL 20080801-2355 Argos Edition V1.0



eMule 0.49b ZZUL_20080801-2355 [Argos Edition V1.0]
Based on eMule 0.49b ZZUL_20080801-2355

+ Argos [merged from X-Ray/JVA]
+ ModID [merged from X-Ray/JVA]
+ TreeControl [merged from X-Ray/JVA]
+ Winsock2 [merged from X-Ray/JVA]
+ SysInfo [merged from X-Ray/JVA changed morph4u]
+ IP2Country [merged from X-Ray/JVA]
+ IPFilter Update [merged from X-Ray/JVA]
+ ModLog [merged from X-Ray/JVA]
+ LeecherLog [merged from X-Ray/JVA]

- Help [morph4u]
- IRC [morph4u]
- MobileMule [morph4u]
- SendMail [morph4u]
- VerrsionsCheck [morph4u]
- TextToSpeech [morph4u]
- UpdateCheck

eMule 0.49b [Argos Edition] is developed by morph4u

ZZRATIO needz 2 removed and what's about manual kick n ban, reask 2 add, DaZZle code is missing to0! Suggest Modstring remove , set to default emule 0.49b

Source 4 coder: eMule0.49b-ZZUL.20080801-2355.Argos.Edition.V1.0.sources.rar HTTP

Bin 4 user: eMule0.49b.ZZUL.20080801-2355.Argos.Edit 3.08 MB

This was better: eMule 0.47c ZZuL darkSky ediTioN.rar

Later Version:
eMule 0.49b ZZUL 20080801-2355 Argos Edition V1.1
+ Exploitfix (now Argos work right) [merged from X-Ray/JVA]/WiZaRd]
+ readded versionscheck [morph4u]
+ Little fix in Stats [ TrOnYx]

BIN: eMule0.49b.ZZUL.20080801-2355.Argos.Edition 3.05 MB
SRC: eMule0.49b-Sources.ZZUL.20080801-2355.Argos 5.60 MB



Anonymous said...

Argos geht gut, bannt mir tadelos alle nick thief von Isreal meistens. Danke für den mod!

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