16 August 2008

eMule 0.49b Alias 1.0a

eMule v0.49b [~Al!as~]
Modversion: 1.0a
Codebase is eMule 0.49b

Made by: Visit http://forum.specialmods.eu/ for news and updates
No need for LSD, gimme fresh Ketamine!

Changed: Merged to 0.48b - pP
Changed: Displaying the ModString - pP

Added: Links and string for the mods - pP - / pP: Modrelated information
Added: Icons ans splashes for Al!as and rX mods - pP
Fixed: Cleaned up code for first release - pP
Fixed: Sending of correct modstring with version - pP

Added: German/English languagefile for prefs #1 - pP
Added: Implementation of localization stuff (WiP) - pP - / pP: Localize.ini
Changed: Added phpbb [code] tags to uncolored file stats - evl - / evl: FileStats [codetags]
Fixed: Powershare on Partfiles - pP
fixed: IP2C sorting bug in clientlistctrl.cpp - pP
Changed: mod perferences moved to addon directory - pP - / pP: OwnPrefs
changed: Remember last ipfilter update to avoid unneded traffic - pP - / pP: IPFilterUpdate [remember last update]
Updated: CReport, phpbb tag handling - pP - / pP: CReport [phpbb tags]
Changed: File upload stats rewritten a reduced codelines - pP - / pP: FileStats [IceCream]
Added: DropSources menue in DownloadListCtrl - pP - / pP: SourceDrops
Added: File upload stats from MorphXT - pP - / pP: FileStats [IceCream]

First of 49 :) 0.7a
Changed: Merged to eMule 49a base client - pP/evl
Fixed: Modversioncheck on startup was not performed - pP

Full Changelog in Download...

Very nice mod, light and fast, check it out!

Download: emule_0.49b_alias_1.0a_bin.7z 2.52 MB - Mirror - DDL
UPNP > Low ID > Don't open ports ....in testing...


Anonymous said...

run other mod set upnp on, exit mod, start alias, upnp have been set to preferences



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