20 September 2008

eMule 0.49b BigBang v2.7 Viri or Not?

This UseNext Ads Mule infected or all of the AV "FALSE POSITIVE"?
Result: 13/36 (36.11%)
Packer: Latest Version Obsidium (1.3 or later)
PE Header: manipulated/tampered

Homepage and eMule-0.49b_BigBang-v2.7.zip unpackme Download: http://freenet-homepage.de/emulemods/index.html
Packer have been always changes after it got unpacked and Ads removed by Adware BigBang muli.

1. PeCompact used, here unpacked, no ratio, ads free done
- Resp.: Security update new version Build released + Lie: Achtung: gehackte v2.3 im umlauf!!! Lädt Trojaner und Spyware auf deinen Computer!!! Updates nur hier laden!!! - How can? Zero Viri, cleaner as original - not crypted
2. Yoda used, here unpacked, no ratio and ads free rel.
- Resp.: Security update, new version Build released
3. Obsidium used, till now not unpacked and ads free done but AV killed


-v2.7 update Obsidium stronger
- new creditsystem
- Browserlinks
- new Chunkselection

15.08.08: Obsidium (more save) after it got unpacked again and Ads free released
-v2.6 Bugfixes

13.08.08: Yoda changed after it got unpacked and Ads Free released
-v2.5 Bugfix
-added: SourceSearch

05.08.08: Yoda, after PEComapact got unpacked and the Ads have been removed
-v2.4 security update

02.08.08: PECompact
-v2.3 Updated to 0.49b (final)
-added: ServerAnalyzer
-added: MultiCommunity

-v2.2 Bugfix

-v2.1 Updated to 0.49b (beta2)
-added: Password protection

-v2.0 Updated to 0.49b (beta1)


Anonymous said...

-v3.1 Bugfixes

-v3.0 update
-AntiLeech v34
-added: SecureP2P
-added: Movie streaming
-added: Treestyle,
up/down Chunkdisplay,
fake Communities,
view shared files...

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