19 September 2008

eMule 0.49b Xtreme 7.0 BETA3 by zz_fly *Official*

eMule 0.49b Xtreme v7.0 BETA 3eMule v0.49b BETA3 [Xtreme 7.0]

Xtreme 7.0 BETA3

Main Features:

- Maella Bandwidthcontrol, caculates the real Overhead
- NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
- advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed
- Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling
- improved Xtreme-Creditsystem
- Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS
- IP to country - show country-flags
- Dynamic Leecher Protection (DLP)
- Multi-threaded disc access with threading-queue
- hundrets of code improvements

supported languages:
german, english, spanish, french, italian, chinese, turkish, czech

based on emule 0.49b
compiled with:
libpng 1.2.28
zlib 1.2.3
crypto 52.1
CxImage version 6.00

Xtreme 7.0 BETA3
* this version is moded by zz_fly
- updated to 0.49b codebase (thanks Stulle, Enig123)
- updated to DLP v33
- updated UPnP (thanks CN_Mod Team and ACAT)
- updated simp. chinese language file
- adjusted some parameters
- add: show UPnP status in network info dialog (idear from ScarAngel)
- add: rebind UPnP on IP-change (idear from X-RAY)
- add: Fake Shareaza detection
- add: open a default website when nodesURL is invalid
- change: no reserved release-slot for partfiles
you can release any files. but reserved release-slot only work for completed files.
- change: UPnP Internal Search: send more request
- fixed: stop rehashing of files with foreign language name (thanks Borschtsch)
- fixed: avoid deadlock when disable network adapter
- remove: Fix Connection Collision (no more needed in .49b codebase)
- remove: always call setLinked_client (no more needed in .49b codebase)
- remove: safehash: installation dir unsharing (thanks MorphXT)
BETA3: remove improved socket closing, it would cause high memory usage (thanks Enig123)

- fixed: all confirmed bugs in BETA2

Remark1: Xtreme does an exact overhead-calculation. This means, Xtreme shows more overhead than other eMule-mods.
Remark2: This is a beta version of Xtreme.
Remark3: For the access problem, http://www.xtreme-mod.net will not be the offical site of Xtreme any longer.
confirmed bugs:
when disable network adapter or ADSL connection lost, xtreme may loss response. [fixed in BETA3]
hashing files seems little slower. [fixed in BETA3]

Download Official from Sourceforge.net:
sourceforge mirror

ed2k: eMule 0.49b-Xtreme7.0 BETA 3.7z
SRC: emule0.49b-Xtreme7.0-BETA3-sources.7z

all older files: http://sourceforge.net/projects/emulextreme/ previous Beta

Announcement url: http://www.frecel.net/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=44&lid=612


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