29 September 2008

eMule 0.49b XdP 3.0 beta 6

eMule 0.49b XdP v3.0 beta 6eMule Version 0.49b | -XdP- v3.0b6
eMule v0.49b | -XdP- v3.0b6
-- developed by umeK --

It's not from the source with rar password

Filesize emule.exe on byte the same as the older Beta 4 (File size: 5959680 bytes)

Changelog unknown, might be small fixes:
CoMmuniTy Version 0.2 (European Community)
-> Communityversion is 0.4 already out

PE Compile date: 06/09/2008 17:01:50
RAR Archive date origin 06.09.2008


http: -XdP-_EdiTioN_v3.0b6.rar 1.93 MB
ed2k: -XdP-_EdiTioN_v3.0b6.rar

older Version


Anonymous said...

eMule 0.49b -XdP- EdiTioN v3.0b6


FIXED : a bug on ModVersion System (umek)
FIXED : a Problem with Sourcefinding (umek)
FIXED : problems with community from b4 (umek)
ADDED : Community KicK (umek)
CHANGED : Upload Management [Block feature now in [mb],removed few useless code] (umek)
OPTIMIZED : own Share Level's (umek)
UPDATE : Anti-Leecher System (umek)
UPDATE : Community Version to v2 (TronYx/Nightsyk10)
UPDATE : Drop System (umek)
cleaned some Stuff,update + fixed some other things...

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