07 September 2008


Forum Preview Release Build

Forum Preview Release Build version has been made available for your consideration.

This informal release should be considered the RC0, and it carries an upgrade reminder after 2 months. Please test this build against the official release for any outstanding issues, while using the debug builds here for debugging purposes. Community feedback is an important part of readying the next release. Let us know what practical changes you would still like to see for the 2.4 release.

Some notable changes include dropping Win9X support, adding IRC Chat, bundling TorrentWizard, graphical improvements, and upgrading the development platform by two generations. Over 800 changes can be viewed in the raw Changes Log, and many languages still need your help to update translations.

Changelog: http://pantheraproject.net/wiki/index.php?title=ChangeLog2.4
Minor Updates to Default Services
Country List Improved
Updated GeoIP Database to September
More Comprehensive Language Updates
Changed "Shareaza P2P" to "Shareaza"
temp fix for table width weirdness(filenames are not cut off properly)
Updated database template
Renamed to unix compatible name
Properties updated
Commented New NavBar Button State Colors
-replaced shareaza{dot}com links in collection templates with http://shareaza.so...
Added support for all possible metadata fields of MS Office 2007 documents
Updated Installer Translation Strings
Bump Version Number to
Adjusted VC9 compiler options
Reverted r7179
Adjusted VC9 compiler options
Updated VC7/VC8 Projects
Remove accidently committed Source Code Control info
Powered thumbnails (SThumbs.dat) by SQLite database (Data\Shareaza.db3)
Changelog: http://grantgalitz.com/shareaza/builds/changelog/2008-09-07.html
Homepage: http://grantgalitz.com/shareaza/builds/index.php
Mirrors: http://members.optushome.com.au/temp007/


Shareaza Release Build Installer (7.78 MB | 2008-09-05) Shareaza_2.3.2.0_Win32.exe 7.78 MB - Mirror

Shareaza Debug Build Revision 7367 Installer (12.49 MB | 2008-09-10)
Shareaza Debug Build Revision 7360 Installer (12.16312 MB | 2008-09-07)

Standalone: Shareaza Debug Build Revision 7360 Standalone (12.43359 MB | 2008-9-07)


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