02 September 2008

eMule 0.49b ECB Mod v0.2 by Tr0nYx

Based upon emule 0.49b Argos Edition 1.0 [morph4u] (thx for this great work)

Added: Bandwidth control [Pawcio/Taken from NeoMule]

eMule v0.49b [ECB Mod v0.2a]

change log:
Added: Upload bandwidth throttler [NeoMule]
Added: European community [Tr0nYx/Nightsky10]
++Share level(only part file, nothing, all (to community is always shared))[umek]
++Community Member Counter [Nightsky10]
Added: accurate speed measure [Xanatos]
Added: Diffqr [X-Ray]
Added: Upload colors [??]
Added: NAFC [Xman/Xanatos]
Added: Pinger [Xanatos]
Added: Neo File-Score System [Xanatos]
Added: fixes from xray
Added: SLS [Xman/enkeyDev]
Added: Ip2Country File Origin [Wizard]
Added: Kick-System [umeK]
FIXED: Destroy download queue before known files to prevent crash [Dazzle]
many many thx to my Beta testers MarioHH, system28 and B@nsh€€ & to
umeK 4 the share levels

Bug Fixed version:
eMule v0.49b [ECB Mod v0.2]
change log: 31.08.2008
the upload amount is too high (in some cases the client isn't kicked after 90MB)

DDL: http://www.emule-coding-board.de/Board%20Mod/ecb Mod v0.2.rar - Mirror: ecb Mod v0.2.rar 4.17 MB

FIXED 1: emule v0.49b ecb Mod v0.2.rar

FIXED 2: emule 0.49b ecb Mod v0.2.rar

Mod with European Community required to download from this ed2k net links

older Versions: eMule 0.49b ECB Mod v0.1b.rar - eMule v0.49b ECB Mod v0.1b NoRatio.rar


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