25 September 2008

eMule 0.49b ZZ-RS V1.4 beta

eMule 0.49b ZZ-RS V1.4 beta


ZZ-RS V1.4 beta (eMule 0.49b)

+ Show # in Chunk Detail
+ Copy/Paste Friendlink
+ ChatLog
+ Connection Checker
+ Downloaded History
+ Spamming server column at searchresults
+ Show Country in Friendinfo
+ Vagaa detection
+ Country Filter
+ Server Rotation
+ Enable Quickstart after Server rotation
+ Generate random Nick Button
+ German language file updated
+ Neutral Feedback
+ Some Official fixes
+ changed: Default Nick
+ changed: Default IPFilter.dat update URL
+ updated: Queued Disc-Access
+ updated: Safehash
+ updated: Dynamic Block Requests
+ updated: Flush Thread


ZZ-RS V1.3 (eMule 0.49b)

+ Share-Level's

Download: emule.0.49b.zz_rs.v1.4.beta.rar 6.05 MB | DDL

ed2k link: eMule.0.49b.ZZ-RS.V1.4.beta.rar

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Whats the difference between RS and just R?

Recon said...

RS = R + ShareLevels

RS is R with ShareLevels

Anonymous said...

Thanks illusion.

One more question is, is the sharedlevels better or just for show to see who shares more or less? Does it give rewards or priorities of sort?

Recon said...

I combine the dazzle sharelevels code in emule mods to the following usage:

More than 1 active Internet connection (2 and more...)
run local proxies (privoxy or other...), assign the different internal IP's to the isp's lines
> config netbind, you may run 1 from 2 or more emule with no up if you bundle eg. sat (uplink @low speed)
> another emule using different isp (uplink there is fast) release mod enabled (full sharing)

.. or look the config here:
Load Balancing Linux PC ( http://www.pfsense.com/ )

Anonymous said...

Ah. Thanks for the clarification :)

Anonymous said...

ZZ-RS V1.4 Final


ZZ-R V1.4 Final


Recon said...

Thanks a lot for the update!

Great mod!!!

Anonymous said...

ZZ-R V1.5 + ZZ-RS V1.5

V1.4 dont save Argos settings !!!



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