15 September 2008

eMule v0.49b PlayMule Build 080905

eMule 0.49b PlayMule Build 080905
eMule 0.49b PlayMule Build 080905

09. Sept. 2008


- Port to Gabest Media Player Classic v1.0.10.0 - Player.exe (http://gabest.org/)
- Webbrowser
- AntiLeech DLP support
- code base eMule v0.49 b
- Modname (OP Hello Tag) VeryCD string 0.48 (EmuleVer=0x%x OP__EmuleInfoAnswer OP__EmuleInfo VeryCD 0%u OP__Hello)

Homepage/BBS: http://bbs.playmule.com/showtopic-41.aspx

Translated Changelog:

Updated list:
1. merge to the eMule V0.49b changes.

eMule PlayMule (eDonkey) V0.49b Build 080905 English version released!

eMule is a completely free and open-source P2P software. Use of his outstanding characteristics, we can not only with the netizens all over the world to share resources, and fully enjoy the freedom to share the fun! The latest version of eMule integrated Kad connection, further beyond the limits of the server, and the world more than 2 million of eMule users to share resources.

eMule PlayMule edition is based on the original development of open-source software. PlayMule the latest version of the built-in support VNN (allows users to each other transmission), shows that under the banner of IP, UPnP automatic port mapping, and other functions, optimized for the actual use of a number of transmission parameters and use the most impartial of subsystems. Upload to get the maximum opportunity to download.
PlayMule and other P2P software compared to the advantages and characteristics:
Watch on demand - support functions (support RMVB/RM, MKV format), provide the clearest and most fluent of the movie from network download just buffer 2-5 minutes can be fluent to watch while loading.
P2P networks crawling support functions, automatic access to popular P2P network resources. A great convenience to users to download.
Optimization of network users to download, thereby greatly increasing the speed of network users to download.

For more information see: http://www.playmule.com/

Non installer (bin):
PlayMule_Build_080905.rar 4.24 MB

Huajun Download
Download Sky
Sina Download
Local Download

eMule PlayMule(电驴) V0.49b Build 080905 简体中文版 发布!


Anonymous said...

Mod pretend to be Emule v0.48.0.66 follow by %v Build date to fake Verycd mod and join the comm.
Real is v0.49b final

Different as Vagaa which pretend to be .49 but is .48

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