29 September 2008

eMule Donkeyhote v3.13

Latest Version: 3.13

The world's largest and most popular dongkihote Emule is Kademlia-based through P2P networks. Enhanced search looking for all types of files you can download with the
P2P program. The combination of fast download speeds and mobile services by eMule is an easy to use freeware premium services having all advantages.

Now in Version: 3.13
File Size: 7.45 MB
Filename: dk_V3.13_Install.exe
Main Release Date: January 14, 2008
Supported OS: Win98, Me, NT, 2000, XP


- P2P Donkey in the mobile phone menu, click on the progress of the operation certification process certification no member
- Premium Emule Tab to complete tasks with the same format (the number of search results, Tab close)
- Premium, except the Delete button
- A premium on the search screen, download a file marked in red
- Mobile Upload Service

- Changed: Start Wizzard
- Changed: same file search
(Entrances to the response speed of the fastest and smallest of the client) called.
- If you have a file, such as attempts to take over
- Emule server to access the server when you order a lot of file access
- Getting a premium on the page, select a list of more than one process simultaneously deleted
- Installation: to install the program, set ttyae dongkihote as Home page
- Smart Update: displays the file size as English in the U.S.
- Muf, dcf file out of the search results so that the value of processing

- No download standby display
- Download a limit of 5 per seobeoda more than a standby position when pyosiham.
- Display the standby position for example, "Waiting (1)"

- Links button-related
- Server list, "Update to work, you will connect to the server list." More
- If you have a file, such as attempts to take over
- Emule server to access the server when you order a lot of file access
- Getting a premium on the page, select a list of more than one process simultaneously deleted
- Installation to install the program, set ttyae dongkihote Home page
- Smart Update displays the file size as English in the U.S.
- Muf, dcf file out of the search results so that the value of processing

- Adult Certification
- Adult Authentication Settings window, and then disable an adult authentication process
- Copyright protection applies changes to the list of geumjieo

- Adult Certification
- Adults adults MAIN certification logo change after authentication appliance
- Setup screen, set the screen to add an adult authentication
- Add the associated image connections
- Disconnect the existing, to connect a portion of the image in the "Incoming" Add image
- Setting limits on the screen is protected by copyright, the search request, a list of add-ons,

- APPL search and retrieval of the initial screen, complete the list of the same when processing the list of
- The response speed check processing operations
- Getting the name of the file download the "Donkeyhe_" changes.
- Premium / Emule music, limits compressed file search operations.
- Donkey apply for a premium pop-up window address changes
- Search for the name of the file search of a premium-sharing data dongkihote member? Modify the name of the file
(Find, to receive the page)
- Bug fixes
- When you download a list of items to control symptoms broken modify ProgressBar
- File Transfer screen, upload a list of bug fixes Spliter
- Update Program (Static) change
- Tuning
- A packet analyzes tuning and memory leaks.
=> Search List views from the top of nateum have a memory leak.

Download ed2k 3.13 Builds:

- Delete a list of search applications processed when forced to quit
- Premium members and regular members by separating the display
- Change a list of search results
- Premium members can download only the changes to
- Download a list of change
- Simultaneous changes can be available for download
- 5 with the number of downloads per client changes
- Apply to the Transport list, check duplicates
When you download the same file, a warning message processing.
- Search, download, edit the list sorted
- APPL Incoming, connection, the connection must add a button
- Bug fixes
- Premium Search tab in the first modification to be deleted
- When you search for the search of the other list, a list of bug fixes that are not very good at writing
- Search the deletion of the tab if you modify the program error occurs.

ed2k link:

- Add a pop-up windows, a list of search results.
Daunrodeujung, pause, Start Over, clear the add-ons.
- Download a preview of the running if you double-click on.
- APPL forced to quit handling the search list.
- Private IP (NAT) in the P2P process.

- For domestic traffic and connect a separate search / download / Add gongyuchang
- Add a wired or wireless integration services (mobile services and integration)
- Enhancement of illegal blocking harmful information
- Geumjieo enhancements for the protection of personal information
- If you search yisangman On 2 position.
- MP3 search andoege process.

- Uninstall bug fixes
- Music Copyright Filter

- Adult.ban the bug fixes in the update
- Download the Windows-related challenges to improve the notification
- Downloads ringkeudeung edit, and related UI

- Find, enhance ease of receiving interface
- The main feature, depending on the user adjust the frequency of use
- Personal information server, the automatic filtering to block access to a fake server
- Improve the transfer speed
- File will strengthen inspection Anseong

Homepage: http://www.donkeyhote.co.kr/p2p/p2p_download.php

Installer (Build 3.13-080103):
http://dk.donkeyhote.co.kr/dk_V3.13_Install.exe - Mirror - Bin

http://www.donkeyhote.co.kr/p2p/donkeyhote_src.zip donkeyhote_src.zip 132.60 KB incomplete :)

Source full:
v3.12 Beta donkeyhote_src.zip 3.45 MB

older versions:
http://www.donkeyhote.co.kr/p2p/dk_V2.55_Install.exe - Mirror - BIN without online update services: dk_V2.55-noban-nofilter-_bin.rar 1.58 MB
http://www.donkeyhote.co.kr/p2p/dk_V2.54_Install.exe - Mirror - BIN
Donkeyhote_v2.22_install.exe 2.22 MB

older Versions Archive

The donkeyhote Korean Mule Mod give upload to other clients!
[Korea] λ™ν‚€ν˜Έν…Œ 2.54

To get Bin from installer (NSIS - 7z compression) use uniextract16 link extract installer


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