14 June 2007

eMule 0.48a AliMule Dazzle v1.0


[-] Ratio
[+] Inverse Credit
[+] Dazzle’s Share Level
[+] Fakerank
[+] Ban Spammers known
[+] Unlimited Searchresults
[+] Upload Start Sense
[+] Never Ban Friends
[+] Manual Kick
[+] Manual Ban
[+] Max Queuerank in Download
[+] Uploadmanagement
[+] Fix For Random Crush on Startup
[+] Invalid Client Filter
[+] Reask Source
[+] Reask Source After Ip Change
[+] Emulate Others
[+] FriendBoost
[+] Simple Score Reduce
[+] simple Mod Boost
[+] client Pertange
[+] Ban4ban
[+] Icons From Xtreme Mod
[+] Upload4upload

Queuesize: 1-1000
File buffersize: up to 20 mb

Fan Page

Download: eMule.0.48a.AliMule.Dazzle.v1.0.rar (1.65 MB)



Anonymous said...

What's the mod password?

"The watermark below ("art.com") will not appear on the artwork itself."

Anonymous said...

ALT + The ChaMPion

Anonymous said...

I did try:
Th3 ChaMPion
all possible combinations. It's wrong. Maybe Alibaba knows it?
ALT or CTRL???

Anonymous said...

Ctrl+ www.sonny1968.de

Anonymous said...

Where is Matin Luther King Mod and Arnold's Blackegger mod?

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