19 June 2007

µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2740)

2007-06-18: µTorrent 1.7 Beta Build 2740
- Fix: Escape-style handling on the exit confirmation and a create torrent dialog

2007-06-18: Version 1.7 (build 2733)
- Feature: Now requires or asks for elevation on Vista if needed. Currently this includes installation, uninstallation, autoupdate, and if settings files are in the same directory.
- Feature: Several of the messageboxes now can be turned off from the messagebox itself, and some have radio buttons instead of yes/no/cancel etc.
- Feature: Several of the messageboxes are now taskdialogs on Vista; a couple use commandlinks instead of yes/no/cancel etc.
- Feature: uTorrent now has a 256x256 compressed png icon for Vista
- Feature: Torrents in download listview are now filtered based on what is typed into the search box, and it updates as you type into the searchbox
- Feature: The top toolbar in the main window is now a rebar and will collapse the left portion as the window size decreases
- Change: (technical) When launching uTorrent from another process, it should obey the showwindow flags passed through the STARTUPINFO
- Change: changed binding of ctrl+shift+v in torrent list
- Change: bt.auto_ul_min no longer specifies smallest speed sample, but the lowest auto rate
- Change: The search icon is now to the right of the searchbox
- Change: detect Wine only for TCP socket repair
- Fix: Refresh issues with listviews on pre-XP systems
- Fix: The rest of the webui preferences page is grayed out when it is disabled

2007-06-11: Version 1.7 (build 2585)
- Fix: tickling of Wine bug with TCP sockets
Full Changelog

utorrent-1.7-beta-2740.exe - PECompact compressed (normal)
utorrent-1.7-beta-2740.upx.exe - UPX packed
utorrent-1.7-beta-2740.uncompressed.exe - unpacked

Changelog µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2740)
Language Pack für µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2740)

'ipfilter.dat' from 'ozzy' can be downloaded here .

'ipfilter.dat' and 'ipfilter_full.dat' from openMedia.info, 'ipfilter_full.dat' must be renamed to.

Mods w/o installer:
Sarmin Mod Package (2585).rar (1.71 MB)
Sarmin Mod Package (2740).rar (1.41 MB)


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up
mood: Dj Tiësto - Just Be

Anonymous said...

Don't need ratiomaker anymore. Very good.

Anonymous said...

please add emu versions with the most common clients and limit the downloads

Anonymous said...

please check back later. I give you now only x10..... please check back later I give now....

Anonymous said...

Sweet Misery

Anonymous said...

how did you got it to go in there 62.75.xxxxxxx come out here 62.26.xxxxxxx?????????

Anonymous said...

can yoou run this stupid phpshit, I forgot it since the most are on asp or change it to a IIS.

Anonymous said...

bullshit with that linux things, go ahead put www1. - www2x all subs to tw and cn on win svr. doing the same up as by opera bbs then it works as it should no phpcrap

Anonymous said...

A record will be fine so to point them on different ip's they are dedicated. PM me asap

Anonymous said...

use pragmaMX

Anonymous said...

If your Internet is fast and you can download a Movie within hours, don't use this mods at all!
If you need never less as 12 hours for a CD (700 MB) or longer (some speed no faster as 3 days, a week and more), use it wisely. There are different countries different internet conditions on our planet!

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