02 June 2007

TuoTu 3.0.100

Support protocol: eMule, HTTP, FTP, MMS, RTSP, Bittorrent. MMG all-in-one

脱兔TuoTu 3.0.100 (2007.06.01)
天空下载 太平洋下载 电脑之家

What is the benefits of rabbit (Tuotu): 3-3 is the first in the fourth generation multi-use download/upload engine downloading software Rabbit (TuoTu) from three beautiful interface, easy operation and abundant resources to allow users the usage more handy. From TuoTu with three popular download software integrations - the biggest difference is that TuoTu (rabbit) from the original three is independent of each other to get through the transmission protocol. The implementation of each engine from different transmission (Torrent, Emule, HTTP/FTP) have in the source cleverly been solved. Various transmission protocol it's own deficiencies, which greatly improved the speed of downloading, The stability and effectiveness of resources. In future, users don't need different filesharing programs as BT, eMule, HTTP,... Download Managers. One download tool and setup, TuoTu (rabbit) Installation have all in one. You will be able to quick and easy download.

Live Download Preview: Screen captures during downloads (helps to detect fakes while downloading)

The program search on Emule network and BitTorrent net for sources of the same file by downloading/sharing. It comes with a preconfig startpage in TuoTu's Webbrowser with a large range of available Downloads allready. Of couse you can use every BiTorrent site and download sources. Some Links are here.
It have variouse Protocol encryptions to bypass ISP throttle, interfere limits or scamble/hide the usage of BiTorent/eMule see: http://forums.bitcomet.com/lofiversion/index.php?t3822.html and http://www.dosdragon.com/

HTTP, FTP Manager Engine codeparts from: Vladimir Romanov(Author of ReGet Pro)
Emule 0.47c from emule-project.net (© 2002-2006 Merkur)


Installer Version (to install only TuoTu, let only selected the first section in Setup Dialogue, all others unselect):
TuoTu_3.0.100.exe -
TuoTu_3.0.100.exe 2.58 Мб (Mirror) - (Mirror)

Without Installer:
TuoTu 3.0.100
All in One HTTP/BitTorrent/eMule Filesharing Manager Program
Archiv Content:
-TuoTu 3.0.100 Program
-Tcp max Connection Limitation Patch for Windows
-Samples of Live Snapshots while Downloading Movies
-ResHacker Tool English/German Version + Help File

TuoTu_3.0.100.rar 3.38 MB (Mirror) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

How to make the program TuoTu English:
1. Config Windows that it can show Chinese Letters.
Windows->System Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Advanced->Language for non-Unicode programs->Chinese (PRC)

Regional and Language Options Windows System Controll Language for non-Unicode Programs Chinese PRC:

2. Download ResHacker (English) - (German) and open the program exe with it.
3. In Reshacker tool, translate (using Google Online Translator or others) the Chinese words to English. Replace the Chinese Words in all Dialog and Menu Entries in the sub trees and click compile. The most words are more than once present. Around 30 - 50 Words should be ok to operate the program GUI easy. (Don't remove the Keyboard Shortcut variables after the words by &)

4. To make it perfect do the same with emule.dll
save backups between and test the result after compiling a dialog/menu.

see Screenshot:Please Post your Results. We can't do it our OS isn't Windows. If you have Windows OS, the East Language Support should not be ripped if it's a slipstreamed Windows Installation Version.

Here are some helpfull Pictures and Discussion about TuoTu: http://forum.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?tid=250314&extra=page%3D1&page=1

To convert rmvb (a rich content of English and International Movies with Chinese Subs in Far East see: VeryCD.com and Bit Torrent Links) Movies to Avi (TV DVD Player DivX compatible) the best result get with WinAVI Video Converter (Fixdown.com ->search). Less good Quality but smaller output size works fine with: Ultra RM Converter (fixdown.com ->search)
e.g: The Movie "FUR" RMVB (RealMedia Video/Audio) File: ____(bbs.cnxp.com).__.Fur.2006.rmvb size: 526 MB. Converted with Ultra RM Converter to XviD about the same size but less quality as rmvb (near VCD), converted with WinAVI Converter to XviD about ~1700 MB no visuale lost of quality (near DVD). Super Video Convertor and co. names (Witcobber) doesn't convert the audio stream synchrone.
Real Media Movies can contain some Advertisments and Websites goes open by watching. The conversation progress remove it.

The emule.dll (seems to be a ripped emule.exe program) emule.exe v0.47c It might be possible to replace it with any emule mod if you do the Ressources from emule.dll (comes with TuoTu), save with Reshacker and put in the Emule mod of your choice, save emule.exe as emule.dll and replace it in TuoTu install folder.
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