30 June 2007

µtorrent 1.7.0 RC2 Build 2999 Leecher Pack

utorrent 1.7.0 RC2 Build 2999 Leecher Pack


utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-x10-leecher.exe (x10 upload modifiactor, shown as Leecher)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-x10-seeder.exe (x10 upload modifiactor, shown as Seeder)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-noreport.exe (No Report)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-report.exe (Report)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2.exe (Original)

*All Mods with no complete feature except Original uTorrent.

All µTorrent Mods are based on the real Micor (µ) Torrent.exe v1.7 RC2 Build 2999
Each Mod are below > 239 KB as it's original and not blown up with unwanted stuff!
We get it > 238 KB without strip, ripping anythink from it!
All .exe CRC's corrected!

µtorrent 1.7.RC2 Build 2999 Leecher Pack.7z (692 KB) - (Mirror1) - (Mirror2) - (Mirror3) - (Mirror4) - (Mirror5) - (Mirror6) - (DDL)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, clean and compact done! All Mods work fine

Anonymous said...

For a 100% clean work the crc should be recalculated, it have never been done by any mods in history.

Anonymous said...

All right, they are on it

Anonymous said...

mods checksum corrected.

Anonymous said...

New Wine 0.9.40 out for Unix/Linux:

uTorrent RC2 works fine on it!

Anonymous said...

Test for Trojan
Files send to analyse
File size: 243712 bytes
MD5: ea7718f299b0c3533cd1c082a0311d52
SHA1: aea9ba6df6c79467c88f13672f73c9011cf4ccce

Antivirus Program, Version - Result:

CAT-QuickHeal v9.00 - (Suspicious) - DNAScan

eSafe v7.0.15.0 - suspicious Trojan/Worm

Panda v9.0.0.4 - Suspicious file

utorrent-1.7-rc2.exe original from utorrent.com
File size: 244736 bytes
MD5: 7169bf84a07fb377601707332ed012c2
SHA1: 1bcf64bf81ea9345e9a95cf1f9125cf311d547db


eSafe v7.0.15.0 - suspicious Trojan/Worm

Panda v9.0.0.4 - Suspicious file

Webwasher-Gateway - Win32.ModifiedUPX.gen!84 (suspicious)

That must be false-positiv!

Anonymous said...

stay: DNAScan
"Quick Heal 2006 offers DNAScan Technology. DNAScan technology is designed to tackle the ever increasing virus and spyware menace that works without the signature updates and takes care of these frequent outbreaks before the signature updates is available. DNAScan technology is designed to tackle this problem as it identifies these new threats before the signature update is available.All this is done automatically without requiring user intervention. Once a potential riskware program is identified, Quick Heal's DNAScan applies sophisticated new removal and repair technology to ensure that the malware and other malicious code are automatically and safely removed, returning the system to a clean state. The malware is quarantined and user is also given option to send the sample to the Cat's research lab for further analysis."

send the sample to the Cat's research lab for further analysis.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with x100, x1000 and more but ratimomaster maker faker and co wan't have them in them business espacialy because this multiplicators can be done in every bittorent client if it's utorrent or the newest/oldest bittorent version or any exotical linux/mac client.

The tracker scipts are just to old.

Ratio should play a second rule after torrent sites will focus them policy to protect them users from anti p2p in a swarm.

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