23 June 2007

eMule 0.48a Xtreme Leecher Beta 2 by peacemaker

eMule v0.48a Testversion [Xtreme 6.0]

Real Checksum: 00204F7Fh
Orig Date/Time Stamp: 05/06/2007 - 15:23:35 on i386(R)

Homepage and Support: read emule faq + xtreme mod faq.

we not gona publish splashscreen messenger:

Forumuela: LW + Forum poster = spam (gime a downloadable link) PLEACE!!!

Download: emule v0.48a Xtreme Leecher Beta 2 Testversion.7z (1.92 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

- upx 2.00 /LZMA /9 + scramble plugin = emule.exe 1,98 MB (2.079.744 bytes)
- Nasty Splashscreen (sorry in the code is only as second alternativ picture this "Anabolica Creature") - This emule mod is not impotent!

Support forum for bodybuilder mops and flops (pimp my bodymule to a powerhorse): www.bodybuilding-online.com/bodybuilding_forum/


Anonymous said...

you also can put it up on hp.infoseek.co.jp include direct downloads, no dop with gnu gpl in Japan, see mame mods.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean "Support Board" ain't no support needed, read emule faq + emule xtreem for settings and "how to" all the rest are peanuts if not just don't use it.

Anonymous said...

It mean you should sign up by all emule modder boards if you have time for it. After registration you can post there your questions but don't forchange all thouse forums. It's maybe not welcome if you drop in the wrong forum a question of 00de mods or otherwise. If you wanna test all this mods and have by every mod a single question you have to make a list which mod belong to the right forum... A garantie you won't get anywhere out there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, to my knowledge if you want provide direct downloads on the same webhost there are only two counties (CN + JP) plus some resaller hostings (webhosts USA, resallers are in middle east Perisa, Iran,...)

Anonymous said...

The black man maybe has ate dozend of other emule mods look at his body. Can we ride on him/it like a horse or will he/it break?

Anonymous said...

Can someone do the lable names back to original? It looks terrible with Dollar and Euro signs in the names up to unreadable, unusable

Anonymous said...

unusable, the modder did his own mod broken. Nor Keyboard shortcuts not Language files will work with this "Orthodoxe" $hit @t @ll d0n3 Option Menu script Language.

Anonymous said...

Please don't publish such "ANTI" Mods. Check first if there are hidden messages or save it as draft. We aren't kids anymore. Let them play this funny x versus z games alown. Have a nice week everybody.

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