25 June 2007

eMule 0.48a BlackStar v0.8 by 3vil3y3

BlAcKsTaR v 0.8 by 3vil3y3

-Updated to 48a, mod sub up to emulefuture v0.5, compiled with VS2005
(tested with MS XP & MS VISTA)
-Removed : ban4ban (not usefull idea)
-Removed : SpreadReask time
-Removed : no ban just block option in antil33cher (now I worked for new algo)
-Removed : min upload (3k) for unlimited download , now NO limit (with a valid key :)
-Removed : ban after NNC
-Removed : community vis. in upload list
-Removed : RB3 Hack (R.I.P)
-Added : kick NNC
-Added : Download sharing
-Changed & Added : client percentage now switchable
-Added : client percentage (obtained parts) in upload list
-Added : client percentage (obtained parts) in queue list
-Added : Remote status in queue list
-Added : Up/Down status in queue list
-Added : adjustable kick HQR client option (> 800 - 5000 >>)
-Added : Stop download (for single client)
-Fix : visual bug fixed in download list
-Fix : visual bug fixed , with banned clients in download list
-Fix : (official) bug banned ip
-Fix : (official) some other bugs
-Activated : z3r0 upload :)
-Toolbar now black
-3vil3y3 SuPM algo enhanced , works better now
-3vil3y3 reverse booster now switchable
-fakerank enhanced + works for all mods
-antileecher functions a little bit enhanced , antileecher now more efective....

SuPm, booster & reverse booster highly recommended !!!
Dont use payback first (useless and harmful with reverse creditsystem)
Thanks to traxori for beta testing ideas/comments;)

eMule 0.48a BlackStar v0.8.7z (1.97 MB) - Mirror: eMule 0.48a BlackStar v0.8.7z (1.97 Мб)
eMule 0.47c BlackStar V 0.5 by 3vil3y3

Autkey bypass open in hex edit these 5 or 6 bits, return give back, athkey is present. See some older Smashers mods with Authkey system.


Anonymous said...

Good Mod. Work better as the older one.

Anonymous said...

have a fun with this mod without authkey :D

Anonymous said...

Of course you can mount on a Fiat Uno (with nice graphity colors) Fingerprint and other detectors to pass before driving but the Porsche driver besides you give you a smile and drive away before your engine is on:)


Anonymous said...

Any one knows what is the key?

Anonymous said...

reverse it and remove stupid auth code part and its appendence if have the time. What next maybe hardware dongle required will be a better business.

Anonymous said...

GET A NAME modder and devs!
Make a public website of your modes same as seba14 have. Put your stuff on it and everyone know it's your mod your place. No troubles with other forums and sites cause of content. People will come to your own site and see what new. Not in a collecting depo as many use them just to get members cause of your work your mod is there.
Get a name

Anonymous said...

I think the same, even more they try to protect it even more others will lay a hand on it to unprotect it. Just look at Shu's Website. Of course others use his work and make it so that everyone likes it cut paypal buttons etc.. there is no way to earn money with it but a name you can earn on your own website and a domain. people will visit your site and not any mod collection place out there.

Anonymous said...

Forget about Auth Key, crack this few bits and skip it just like in commercial appz.

Anonymous said...

Can someone very king explain how to crack or remove AuthKey please? thx ...i'm tring to disable it but i can't!! i don't know which bit "touch"....

Anonymous said...

please follow the easiest crack tutorials. You don't need to deal by emule with protections or unpacking what is takes the most time to crack an application.
Trace emule.exe, in the moment when you type in a invalide keycode and click accept (OK) in dialog, check the exe what it does. this point shows you the rotine in code where you have to do the little changes. You see what the emule give back by a wrong code, a little bit below you put your point to, there you see in emule code the return after enter a valid code. change it let emule think every auth code is right point bypass the ret. invalide and point it to valid.
Please read in bbs cracking tutorials for beginner. The tools are listed there. It's to sad that a opensource program got coded to with this kind of validations. So we are by shareware cracking here. It's still opensource :)

Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for answer but i don't understand yet :( ...so can u tell me where i can find these tutorials please? and also which tools i have to use to crack the authkey please?
thx in regards.. :)
PS sorry for my bad english ...

Anonymous said...

Google Keyword "reversing" and/or "reverse engineering" you get many forums relevated to the first step cause shareware appz are need to prepared to unpack this is the most time before you can in a hexeditor follow the second step. Emule is not exe packed or protect at all so all you have to do is reading the tutorials about after a exe is reversed back to its unpacked conditions. The tools and how to crack it are in those forums. You can finally foolow up how to make a kegen or a patcher, with it you are able to create a small application which can automatical all future versions with the same auth system crack using generic search/replace in hexcode. Here left on the site already some links by websites e.g. Diablo2oo2 site by this step shows how to make it and have a collection of tools fo making auto patcher etc... A patcher is nothing other as your note and changes you did by cracking one emule to automatizate it with a small gui in future and other versions using the same authkey system, you can extend it with more and more upcomming auth systems as soon they change it or you found different auth systems. A sample (not emule relevatet) is Markus TH winrar crack patcher what was do the regpart plus patch some more features such as editing locked archives,... k, this is emule so you don't break any copyrights with it diong it on freeware or opensource based programs.

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