13 June 2007

eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA1

Statement : China accused the CN MOD official version of the TAG, we are not tied to the version of any third-party software, Please official from the Chinese donkey download version. Software introduced eMule - CN is the eMule (second generation of P2P software), based on the domestic network Liaison improvement from the situation. Optimization of the cohort system, ...

* 中国驴榜
* 好友功能
* 去除官方upnp,加入cn版UPNP
* 修改搜索部分
* ip对应功能
* 更新IP2Country对应最新数据
* 修正IP2Country以前判断空格出错,支持Unicode数据
* 加入dlp功能
* 突出显示lowid.....
* modTag,up/down直接在客户端软件部分查看(传输界面和客户详情)
* ClientDetailDialog调用IP2Country以及美化界面
* 修正好友的一个bug
* 修正dlp的一个bug
* 若干测试组发现的问题修正

* China
* Donkey friends Billboard Removal of official functions
* upnp, cn version UPNP to amend
* search *.* part
* ip corresponding functional counterparts latest update IP2Country
* data that IP2Country box before judgment error.
* Unicode support for data to function
* dlp highlighted lowid .....
* modTag up / down directly in the client software View (transmission interface and customer details)
* ClientDet ailDialog call IP2Country and landscaped interface
* amendment of a friend repair bug
* dlp is a bug-testing group found a number of problems

Homepage: http://www.edonkey2000.cn/ - Discussion BBS: http://www.edonkey2000.cn/bbs/forum-109-1.html

Download: Emule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA1.rar (5.14 MB)

ed2k: Emule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA1.rar


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