02 June 2007

ReGet Deluxe 5.1 Build 296 + ReGet Deluxe 5.1 Build 298 Beta

ReGet Deluxe - the powerful download manager. Aimed at advanced and professional users it comes with extra features (advanced scheduler, site manager, downloads history), extra capabilties, extra settings to satisfy the everyday needs of power internet users and heavy downloaders.
ReGet Deluxe is the powerful download manager for downloading from Internet with the unmatched speed. Incredible speed is achieved by splitting the files being downloaded into sections and downloading these sections at the same time. Improve your download experience by 3-5 times faster downloads, easy installation and seamless integration with all popular browsers.
ReGet Deluxe resumes broken downloads from FTP, HTTP and HTTPS servers, from online data storages. It saves your time because you never have to download again what you already have on your hard-drive. Advanced integration system lets work with all types of links, including forms and redirection scripts.
Unmatched Scheduler, Site Manager and History features have been added for the "natural born" downloaders and help schedule and organize your downloads your way!
Beside dramatically increasing speed of your downloads, wherever you have Cable/ADSL or dial-up connection, dial-up users can utilize the built-in dial-up integration to schedule dialing up to your ISP, downloading and then hanging up. Built-in Search pane helps you to find music in MP3 format and other files.

ReGet Deluxe Features
Ease of Use :
- Unmatched: No-quiz installation: Select your connection type and ReGet Deluxe will automatically tune the download settings to use your Internet connection to its fullest extent.
- No-wiz installation: ReGet Deluxe can automatically detect and use your browser's proxy server settings. One-click downloading: ReGet Deluxe works as the default download tool for all the popular browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, Netscape Communicator 4.0 and higher, Opera 4.0 and higher, NetCaptor 6.1, NeoPlanet 5.2, MSN Explorer 6.0.
- Unmatched: Now with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape Navigator 6 support.
- Original: Quick download of multiple files linked from the same page with the original "Download All by ReGet Deluxe" browser context menu command
- Unmatched: Complete control: We've even made the toolbar in ReGet Deluxe fully customizable. Configure it to suit your needs!
- Choose the interface mode (Simple, Advanced or Expert) accordingly to your downloading needs and experience.
- Switching on (off) the Offline mode you can stop (start) all downloads in one click.

Core Features :
- ReGet Deluxe supports file download (retrieval) from both file transfer (FTP) and web (HTTP) servers.
- Reliable downloads: ReGet Deluxe will make unlimited attempts to download the file until the download is completed.
- No time is wasted: ReGet Deluxe resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP and FTP servers. It saves you time as you don't have to download again what you already have on your hard-drive!
- Unmatched: ReGet Deluxe can download from secure servers (HTTPS) with the special add-on available from the download page.
- Unmatched: ReGet Deluxe can download from online file storages (like MySpace.com, iDrive.com, etc).
- Local network support: ReGet Deluxe supports all popular proxy servers so you can use it in a corporate network.
- Unmatched: ReGet Deluxe supports not only basic proxy authentication, but also NT challenge/response (NTLM).
- Stream protocols (MMS, RTSP) support.
- FTP compression (MODE Z) support.

Fastest Downloads, Best Download Experience :
- Unmatched: 3-5 times speed improvement: with ReGet Deluxe feature to split the files being downloaded in sections and download all the sections at the same time. That is from 300% to 500% improvement!
- Mirror Search: ReGet automatically searches for additional locations (mirrors) for your downloads and chooses the optimal location to download from. More information about Mirror Search feature (including privacy questions) can be found here.
- Original: Easy browsing while downloading: ReGet Deluxe can detect browser activity and automatically lower its traffic usage if the browser transfers data, giving you the ability to browse the Internet without interrupting your downloads.
- Original: Built-in MSIE Spy - the program for monitoring browser activity. Watch the real URLs of all the files downloaded by the browser, otherwise invisible to the user, such as graphics, scripts, banners, buttons including CSS and Javascript files, etc.
- Heaven for modem users: ReGet Deluxe has built-in dial-up integration. You don't have to run a lot of programs to download just one file. ReGet Deluxe can dial up to your ISP, download files and hang up when the download is finished.
- No slowdown: if one particular download slows down, ReGet Deluxe can reconnect to a server, giving a jump start to your download.
- Download from secured FTP servers via SSL.
- Partially ZIP Download command allows you to preview any ZIP archive before downloading and download only selected files.

Advanced Features:
- Unmatched: Advanced browser integration system allows ReGet Deluxe to intercept and process all types of links, including forms and redirection scripts.
- Unmatched: ReGet Deluxe provides extensive logging of every download attempt and every program action, whether it was successful or failed.
- Original: With the Site Manager you can set the downloading properties (such as login and password, maximum allowed connections, etc.) for any server you will be downloading from.
- Unmatched: Built-in Advanced Scheduler lets you schedule such events as: start and pause downloads, start and close program, dial and hang up. You can set any ReGet Deluxe event to happen at any time you want, regularly or depending on another event.
- Built-in FTP Explorer that allows to display the structure of a remote FTP server in a user-friendly format, so a user can choose what files or directories he wants to download.
- Unmatched: Total recall: Advanced History will give you information about all the files you have ever downloaded. You'll never forget when, what and from where you have downloaded a file and where it is stored.
- Search pane - now you don't need a separate program to find files for downloading.
- Automatical Antivirus checking makes your downloads secure from viruses and trojans.
- Unmatched: You can now edit the properties for a number of selected downloads in one go.
- Unmatched: Use macros to automatically create folders named according to the extensions of downloaded files, date of downloading or name of the destination server.
- UnmatchedLink extracting feature - you can extract all the URLs from the large text, just dropping it to the floating window
- A step forward in the interface technology - like Microsoft Windows family, ReGet Deluxe now comes with schemes, allowing further personalization. Since this new technology does not employ "skins", it does not significantly affect size of the program, nor its performance.
- Use Categories feature to define download properties depending on the type of downloaded file (music, video, games, software etc.)
- Use Internet Explorer toolbar to get access to ReGet Deluxe features without opening the program main window.

What's new in this version:

  • Site Manager now supports pattern (or mask) for domain names (bug 51)
  • New user-agents added (bug 142).
  • Control panel applet now localization switch works a same way as ReGet (bug 118).
  • Native opera links catch plug-in added (bug 116).
  • Default .wjr file moved from old location ('Program Files') to the `%USERDATA%`, if it unaccessible to write (recently under Windows Vista)
  • Some IE integration bugfixes
  • ReGet signed by ReGet Software
  • All languages (except English, Japanese and Russian) removed to separated lang.dll
  • Some bugs in low-level IE7 integrations fixed.
  • Control panel applet under Windows Vista fixed (bug 100).
  • Setup option for install opera integration added.
  • Japanese and Italian languages included again.
  • Tray icon displayed correctly under Windows Vista (bug 93).
  • Low-level integration improved and work with IE7 (bug 21).
  • Encoding in IE now displayed correctly, when MSSpy or low-level integration is swithed on (bug 22).
  • Suspended Trafic icon don't shown anymore in customize toolbar dialog (bug 94).
  • New connections profiles
  • All traffic units changed from b/s to kb/s
  • Default path for default.wjr now is "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Reget Sofware" on Windows 2000 and later.
  • Integration with Internet Explorer 7 under Windows Vista now work correctly (bugs 57, 89).
  • Product activation under Windows Vista now work (bug 89).
  • Login/password protected downloads work correctly (bug 86).
  • Installation must work normaló on all hosts (bug 74).
  • Default paths for default download location now depend from Windows version (bug 79).
  • New icons for download folder in Windows Vista (bug 79).
  • ReGet don't create "C:/My Downloads" automatically when it is not specified as default download location (bug 60).
  • Download properties window remember self size and position again (bug 62).
  • Turkish translation displayed propertly (bug 71).
  • Download for multiple links, inserted into the URL list in 'Download dialog box' from the clipboard, now work (bug 52).
  • Hot keys assigned for "Start All Downloads" and "Puase All Downloads" (ALT+SHIFT+S and ALT+SHIFT+P) (bug 66).
  • ReGet don't block clipboard anymore.
  • Change traffic priority button now have two visual state with differing images. All 'cooperative mode' options remuved. (bug 61).
  • 'Download all' and 'Pause all' images replaced with 'Download' and 'Pause' images.
  • Arabic language now supported (bug 69).
  • Turkish language improved (bug 71).
  • New button for traffic limitation (on/off traffic limit) instead of three traffic mode (bug 31).
  • New functions "Start all downloads", "Pause all downloads" (bug 32).
  • New Windows Installer based setup (only MSI-file is required) (bug 53).
  • Initial settings setup (interface mode, download directory,connection profile, etc.) moved from the setup to first time start (bug 54).
  • New options in initial settings: install icon for "My downloads", install IE integration, install FlashGot (bug 33)
  • Muli-line split links in clipboard are automatically parsed and inserted into the URL field of the New Download window (bug 29).
  • Multiple links in the clipboard are detected and inserted into the URL text box of the New Download window (bug 52).
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 improved -- non-compatible integration option is automatically disabled when IE7 is present (bug 48).
  • Windows Vista now supported (bug 24).
  • Online web-page is now used instead of e-mail for ReGet Exceptions submissions (bug 23).
[31 May 2007] Build 298 (ReGet Deluxe 5.1 Beta)

Site Manager now supports pattern (or mask) for domain names (bug 51)

New user-agents added (bug 142).

Control panel applet now localization switch works a same way as ReGet (bug 118).

Native opera links catch plug-in added (bug 116).
[24 May 2007] Build 296 (ReGet Deluxe 5.1 Beta)

"56K dial up modem" option bug fixed (bug 135)


ReGetDeluxe5.1.296.Beta.inc.Plugins.rar Size: 3,70 MB License: Betatest
Download incl. LanguagePack + SSL Plugin, ShellExtention Plugin:


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