09 June 2007

eMule 0.48a TYRANUS 1.1 v0.48a


TYRANUS 1.1 v0.48a


+ splash screen
+ toolbar icon (change)
+ only one upload slot
+ kick&ban

TYRANUS 1.0 v0.48a


Copy DaZZle code to emule 0.48a

Changelog Dazzle Mod:

-Stability: This mod should be about as stable as the official releases
-Inverse credit system: Ensures optimal download speed when there aren't many sources
-End of download speedup
-Advanced upload queue score calculation (upload management)
-upload only to emule (configurable)
-Dynamic upload kick: Upload kick is not done at a constant amount, but always done when it'll improve speed.
-Anti-leecher: the inverse credit system makes sure you will not be harmed by leechers
-Upload only shared files (configurable)
-Disable file sharing (configurable) (NOT recommended it ruins your speed and is bad for the network)
-No ratio and no forced minimal upload speed (highly recommended to upload as fast as possible, it improves download speed liniearly or more)
-Global max sources limit instead of file max sources limit (it's a global bottleneck)
-Dynamic source gathering rate (fast at first, slower later on. Source gathering cpu hit remains constant)
-Better source gathering (some limitations removed, much more sources can be found at a faster rate)
-Improved source gathering efficiency (lower hit on cpu when gathering sources)
-Increased number of sustainable sources (15000+ sources on one file). This makes popular files download a lot faster.
-Automatic benchmarking and optimization of the global max sources limit
-Auto high QR kick from download queue when queue advancement rate is slow and we are near the max sources limit
-Auto dropping of NNP / queue full sources from download queue when source limit nears maximum, or source gathering speed becomes slow
-Display estimated time until a source starts transferring
-Display credits our client has with other clients
-Unlimited searching

Download: eMule 0.48a Tyranus 1.1.7z (1.46 MB) - (Mirror)

Maybe the BEST NO-UPLOAD Mod on eMule 0.48a basis!


Anonymous said...

kick@ban not inside by me!??? I don't have it in this version. Any help?

Anonymous said...

Dank Leecher-w0rld.c0m seit der Werbung bei euch haben wir 20% mehr Downloads ebenso steigen Besucherzahlen wenn man nen counter ohne erforderlichen Javascript aktiv etc.. betrachtet. Also kopiert weiter.

Anonymous said...

Mit diesen phpBB's haben wir doch gar kein Verhältniss

Anonymous said...

Please Post Stats and feedback to www.Leecher.biz

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