23 January 2009

eMule 0.48a UniATeam v2.6 - its the reduced public version

.0 07 _ _
M aM | | | |
iM MMS | |_| |
@MM MMM2 \___/
M@MM .MMBM: _ _
ZM08BM, MM080MS _
2M00BMM 7MW08WM (_)
2M MB00WM: MM08BM8 BM@S. | |
7MM0 MM080M@ 8M088@M: ZMMMMM; |_|
;MMM0MM8 @B8MM MM8W@:rMMW0BMMMr /_/ \_\
.MMMWBM@200@M MWWMa8MB0WMMWa _____
XBM@W:0B MWaMMMM2. | |
.aMMMMW:iSaBMa8,M MZr rrS8r: |_|
@MMMMMM MWB88i .0aW8Z87Xi,. . \___\
.X iW MMM.MMMMM0 ( _` |
;Z WM7 BMMMMM \__,_|
Mi MM aMMMM: _ __
M .r :MMr | ' \
.M S, |_|_|_|

eMule v0.48a UniATeam Mod based on Xtreme Mod

Public Feature List/Changelogs:
- Added multiple kick and ban from upload queue (highly requested)
- Added single client upload start from queue list
- Added option to disable upload to webcache
- Changed splash behaviour, now it's not topmost so less invasive
- Changed splash and sidebanner
- Changed some default options
- Fixed bug in log reset button
- Updated to emule 0.48a
- Updated to Xtreme 6.0

- Added option for starting in invisible mode
- Added new version of Design settings [Stulle]
- Added new column in uploadlist for remote queue status
- Added new column in uploadlist for displayng current uploading chunk [morphxt]
- Rewritten UniATeam toolbar code to look better with design settings
- Rewritten serverwnd additional buttons code for design settings
- Changed: minor optimizations around invisible mode
- Changed: Spooky mode button is displayed in serverwnd only if it's enabled in options
- Fixed columns with wrong background in DlClients and QueueList
- Fixed bug in connection checker state
- Updated small part around some emulations
- Updated small part around enhanced client recognization
- Updated Webcache [morphxt]
Updated to Xtreme 5.4.2

- Added Advanced Server Filter [emule+]
- Added Spooky Mode (slightly modified)
- Added Connection Checker
- Added option to disable deadsourceslist
- Added Control download priority [tommy_gun]
- Added Limit PS by amount of data uploaded [Stulle]
- Added Design Settings [eWombat/Stulle]
- Added logging for emulations
- Fixed gui bug in options order
- Fixed bug in powershare column in shared files list
- Fixed bug in multi-friendslots when added from upload list
- Small changes around chunk detail display
- Removed uni active ratio
- Minor fixes and changes
Updated to Xtreme 5.4.1

- Added new titlebar display, totally personalizable
- Added new Minimule [neo]
- Added toolbar speedmeter [neo adapted]
- Added preferences slidebar [emule+]
- Added Downloading Chunk Detail Display [modified from morphxt]
- Added some release settings:
* Recoded Powershare
* Release Bonus [sivka]
- Changed some colors in search list
- Recoded Dynamic Block Request
- Fixed WebCache working with obfuscation [morphxt]
- Removed additional protocol tag from extended comments
- Updated Emulations
Updated to Xtreme 5.3.1

- Added new Save/Load Sources
- Added Save comments [neo]
- Added PowerShare [zz]
- Added backup part for new comments file
- Added Pause on file complete [neo]
- Improved txtsrc file loading (better handling)
- Fixed bug in backup: now backup files are deleted correctly in all cases
- Fixed critical bug that caused low-id on some routers
- Removed Random Ports
Updated to Xtreme 5.3

- Added Webcache [morphxt, slightly modified]
- Added Backup/Restore file [based on Neo implementation]
- Added File Extension Comparison [idea from bluesonicboy]
(see filename page in file detail dialog)
- Added own implementation of Auto Hard Limit!!
- Added Auto Hard Limit (four ways: max, sivka, wizard, uni a-team)
- Added Auto Soft Lock [neo]
- Added Obelix Connection Control
- Added Mass Message (allow to send the same message to all file sources)
- Added tooltip info in Uni A-Tweaks [morphxt]
- Added Recheck Kad Firewalled [idea from wizard]
- Added manual reask file to client
- Added Ip to Country on Kad window
- Added Random Ports [monki]
- Added preview for music files
- Added multiple instances
- Added easy access for filename in downloadlist
- Added Show client percentage
- Added Invisible Mode [tpt, morphxt]
- Added ChunkDots & ChunkLines also in uploadlist [cb]
- Added new toolbar [from Neo, but simplified]
- Added XP contextual menu [tpt, neo way]
- Enhanced Auto Drop System: now dropped sources can be blocked for a certain time
- Changed display of UAR tooltip in statusbar
- Changed Quickstart:
- added setting for max half connection
- removed settings for return back value, these can be setted in base emule options
- Updated small code part in dynamic block request
- Fixed old bug in uni a-tweaks
- Fixed small code part around client recognization
- Fixed small bug in quickstart after ip change
- Minor changes around FDC
Thanx to C3R34£_K|££4 for new icons and images

- Added editable reask time for srv, kad, xs
- Added client ip & tcp/udp ports in client detail dialog
- Added modified Filename Disparity Check [idea from tk4]
- Added ChunkDots & ChunkLines [sf - cb]
- Added Tray Password Protection [neo]
- Added more displayed advises in transferwnd when uni active ratio is on
- Changed: now quickstart starts also if the server is not connected but Kad is connected
- Changed some displayed strings
- Removed funnynick and upnp cause were added in new Xtreme
Updated to Xtreme 5.2.1

- Added Uni Active Ratio
(if upspeed<11Kb/s and dl:ul session ratio > 6, max download speed is set to 6 times upload speed)
- Added Push File System
- Added Funny Nick [xrmb]
- Added Upnp [morphxt]
- Added Files Password Protection [NEO: PP]
- Added Relax on Startup [wizard]
- Added Remember Friend Slots
- Added Multi Friend Slots
- Added option to enable/disable partial file push (see push file system)
- Changed: moved ul/dl rate at the beginning of titlebar
- Changed other minor things
- Fixed: quickstart button now works properly
- Fixed: recognization of emuleplus client version
Updated to Xtreme 5.1.2

Note: This new version is much simpler than the older ones, now it's based on Xtreme and
has less unuseful functions. Only useful and dl-speed increasing functions have been added from
the old Uni A-Team Mod
- Added UniA-Team Credit system
- Added Emulations
- Added Quickstart
- Added Dynamic Block Request [netfinity]
- Added enhanced client recognization
- Added automatic drop system
- Added banner in preferences
- Added Titlebar personalization
- Added Status Color in downloadlistctrl
- Added Play Startup sound in general options
- Added small push for partial file in upload priority
- Added Uni A-Team Toolbar in trasfer window
- Added reset button in options->security to set pawcio url for ipfilter
- Added button in XtremeII for antileech.dll update
- Added Uni A-Tweaks preferences page
- Changed: now active downloads are shown in blue
- Changed: now are shown always editable comments
- Changed and added some icons, splash
- Changed: now in options->security is shown pawcio url for ipfilter by default
- Changed global hardlimit, now it's editable and ul speed indipendent
- Changed some strings
- Changed some default settings
- Removed search results limit
- Removed X-Treme Update but not antileech.dll update
- Removed first time wizard
- Fixed: Readded "about" image (was removed in xtreme)

- Added protocol encryption against P2P filters [Neo]
Multi Port communication
XOR packet encrpytion on session key base
SUI PK encrpytion for key exchange
Diffie-Hellman key agreement for session key agreement on new first connection
- Added Stability Fix for username changed in CString [Neo]
- Added option to manually remove client from download list
- Added less cpu-load with faster uploadspeed [netf]
- Added Recheck Firewalled for 30 minutes [WiZaRd]
- Added Reduced CPU usage (in UInt128.cpp) [netf]
- Added Support for AntiVir version 7 personal edition [TK4]
- Probable MemLeak fix in UrlClient.cpp [WiZaRd]
- Changed modeless dialog system from SF to Neo, less buggy
- Changed funny nick to CString due to stability fix
- Changed a bit DBR part
- Changed code part for displaying time in titlebar
- Changed XS button now do 3 consecutive reasks
- Changed ZZRatio: now it's 1:6 instead of 1:3
- Removed some unuseful options
- Removed Extended Clean-up II (crash due to conflict with safehash)
- Removed unused variables
- Fixed IP display in titlebar
- Fixed little bug in auto refresh shared files
- Fixed bug in lancast code
- Fixed some glitch in lists
- Fixed other minor bugs
Merged to Morphxt 8.9 (except global hardlimit, cause of autohardlimit that's preferable)

- Added Lancast
- Added Dynamic Block Request [netfinity]
- Added Modeless Dialogs [Sf-iom]
- Added enhanched view shared files [iom]
- Added Server names in bluebold
- Added ipfilter control & filtering of serverlist and block connection to filtered servers
- Added enhanched client recognization [Spike2]
- Added: Support of Avast! Pro and Home anti-virus [TK4]
- Readded ZZRatio
- Readded "Richiedi file" option
- Removed first time wizard but still in
- Removed upload slot speed in Connessioni (due to stulle upload slot limiter)
- Removed original ratio
- Rework in drop system
- Fixed: path bug for eTrust EZ anti-virus [TK4]
- Fixed: improved/fixed anti-virus selection code [TK4]
- Fixed old bug due to winsock2
- Fixed bug due to autohardlimit (caused several crashes)
- Fixed bug in statisticsdlg (caused crashes on some SP1 users)
- Fixed critical bug in spooky mode
- Fixed download bandwidth throttler
- Various fixes
- Updated help file
Updated and fixed Argos System:
ARGOS: dlp is now a core internal part of the detector engine, and has a bigger flexibility
ARGOS: by default I'll provide a dlp.dll that can handle the antileech.dll of the xtreme, no need to keep 2 lists up to date so I’ll save some time
ARGOS: Add hash to detector to lechers.dat, not used currently but in case may be useful
ARGOS: Removed Argos own anti spam method, now using the official one instead, the official list is user editable so it's more flexible
ARGOS: Added missing tests to processmuleinfopacket
ARGOS: emcrypt clients are now detected as faked client
ARGOS: Readded anti xs fastask/exploid, should take care of all official bugs and don’t cause false positivs
ARGOS: Added anti file faker idea by wizard, but own more secure implementation working for tcp and udp
ARGOS: Added anti udp aggression idea by sivka, own simplified implementation
ARGOS: added a reset button to the message filter
Merged to morphxt 8.5

v.1.1 Final
- Updated uni a-team help
- Removed MorphXT update

v.1.1 RC1
- Fixes in Kademlia contact list
- Fixed old bug in transfer window additional toolbar
- Fixed in strhellopacket

v.1.1 Beta
Merged to emule 0.47a MorphXT8.1
- Added PlusSpeedMeter
- Added Client Ip in client detail dialog
- Changed Preferences dialog with slidebar
- Readded Crash Dumper
- Minor changes and fixes

v1.0 Final
- Fix in preferences.cpp

v1.0 RC2
- Added Uni A-Team Mod Help
- Added Shareaza download import (experimental)
- Added max uploadrate x slot
- Little bug fixed in Argos system
- Fix in autoupdate shared files
- Fix in optimized code
- Fix in anti mod-thief
- Fix in Password Protection
- Fix in MuleListctrl.cpp
- Fix in Kademlia flags
- Fix in SafeHash
- Fix: Code Optimization FillSolidRect [Xman]
- Changes in allow multiple instances
- Changes in slot focus
- Changed clear banlist button: now clear also argos banlist

v1.0 RC1
- Added Argos Anti-Leecher System [NEO: NA]
- Added Auto RunTime Update
- Removed MorphXt Anti-Leecher System
- Removed internal spam filter + ban

v1.0 Beta

- Added some Credit Systems: Uni A-Team, Official, BillyGates, WiZard
- Added [Uni A-Team] friend ratio
- Added No answer after ban
- Added Ip to Country on Kademlia wnd
- Added Files Password Protection [NEO: PP]
- Added AntiVirus Scanner
- Added Sourcecache [Xman]
- Added Extended Clean-Up II [Maella]
- Added Uni A-Team Log in Server window
- Added integrated and updated spam filter + ban option
- Added Reconnect Kad on ip change [Xman]
- Added personalizations for titlebar
- Added Active Connection Control [Obelix]
- Added SourceFrom
- Added SearchCatch [SlugFiller]
- Added SlotFocus
- Added tons of optimizations
- Added Spooky Mode
- Added Con Checker (spooky mode addon)
- Added Download Priority Control
- Added See all sources [Xman]
- Added Refresh automatically sharedfileslist
- Added P2P Worms Detection
- Added Background and Text Color Handling
- Added AutoHardLimit [Wizard]
- Added WinSock v2.2
- Added Faster Endgame [Dazzle]
- Added "add a comment" in downloadlist
- Added Slots management
- Added Uni A-Team preferences dialogs
- Added SpreadReask
- Added new Emulations
- Added CPU/Ram bars in transfer window [iOnix]
- Added Clear Ban List Button (but not Argos banned)
- Added new system of Load & Save Sources
- Added Quickstart v3
- Added Quickstart on Ip change
- Added Reask Sources on Ip change
- Added "Reask for download" in client context menu
- Added dropping system (FULLQ, NNS, TM, QR) both manual (context menu and transfer wnd buttons) and automatic (timer)
- Removed ZZ-Ratio
- Removed old credit systems
- Removed Limit in Search Results Window
- Removed MorphXT update
- Changes in base credit system for uppers real reward

Differences betwen leecher and public version are:

↓ - The Leecher version is better and have ↓
↓↓↓ All great futures in 0.48 eMule version allready ↓↓↓:

> Info see binary , browse PE <
This mod have 2 different modus: run normal, run as full L33CH3R Edition

▲- Nice mod, will apriciate if can get the Leecher version -▲

Download public build: eMule0.48a_UniATeam_v2.6-bin.rar 9.36 MB - DDL

Bowlfish settings have been found in preferences.ini to control:

I have pleased the coder cause rests remain in public build which can not made functionary to share the full featured build.

see PE exe file content
The more features will be:
»▪ Disable share
»▪ No queuelist
»▪ Queuelist only for friends
»▪ Queuelist only for complete files
»▪ No upload
»▪ No upload to non-Emule clients
»▪ Upload protection
»▪ FakeRank
»▪ NickThief
»▪ HashThief
»▪ Ban4Ban
»▪ Fake Community
»▪ Change Server connect every ... minutes

Yet Im not a freak of Mephisto Mod.

Coder don't want to share the mod as full leecher edition. Have only Mephisto PrE mod which is Thermidiated(Thermida Prot executable) process


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