02 January 2009

KuGoo 2008 5.323

KuGoo (Cool Dog) 2008 (official version)
Version 5.323
File: 5.62M
Date :2008-12-29

Cool Dog (KuGoo) Interactive main provider of online document delivery services and Internet communications, the use of a P2P framework for the design of advanced research and development.
Design for the user the effect of high transmission of documents to download function, it can achieve the adoption of P2P data sharing and transfer, as well as support for users to chat, the player, such as a complete entertainment services network, friends can be achieved between the transmission of any document exchange, through the cool dog, the user can easily accessible, efficient and secure the realization of music search, instant messaging, file transfer, peer-to-peer file-sharing applications.

The world's most popular free Chinese player software, pop music search platform, for your musical journey brought more wonderful audio-visual experience.
1, mini-interface more refined
Interface cooler, brilliant pop; maintained under Vista and XP perfect performance, it refreshing;
2, Kara OK Ultimate Experience
Cool Dog original "City of Life lyrics" technology to easily enjoy the production process, to experience karaoke OK precise times;
3, search and high-speed download
Optimization of songs search accuracy, intelligence to save bandwidth, can shut down the network function, 8 sources download speed;
4, the perfect music player
Supports local playback, compatible with all audio files, super-perfect sound quality, music player, more pleasant to the ears;
5, mass popular music information
Cool list family dog, dog Friends of recommendation, cool bar, kennel, the latest pop music, a clean sweep;
6, more user-friendly design
Attention to the details of the design, personalized settings, the operation easier, more convenient found listening to music;
V5.323 update log:
1. The new copy of the MP3 Wizard
2. New playlist layout, increase the network of radio
3. New registration, the registry program
4. Upgrade production and the search ring
5. Increase the casual listen to the classification of
6. Optimize the list and music classification
7. Mp3 network synchronization program to improve
8. To increase the support of CUE format
9. Voices fade out

KuGoo is the largest P2P music-sharing software, has more than hundreds of millions of documents shared by the global user's favorite, with tens of millions of user. V3 version of the latest to give users more user-friendly features, the implementation of multi-source download and upgrade the normal download speeds, tested, the fastest can reach 500K / S, faster and more efficient search for songs to download. Domestic first audition online features, user-friendly selective download, reduce download songs Oh do not like. Home entertainment will be provided every day a large number of the latest entertainment news, Europe and the United States, Chinese and Japan-South Korea's latest album, singles ranking allows you to easily download the most avant-garde pop dynamics, the full enjoyment of KuGoo and your life wonderful entertainment.

Cool Dog Music (formerly Kugoo) 2008 high-speed, stable, free, and the succession of "cool dogs, 2007" and "mini-cool dog" all the advantages of integration a number of innovative technologies, for your musical journey brought more wonderful audio-visual experience.
1, mini-interface
Interface cooler, brilliant pop; maintained under Windows Vista and XP perfect performance, it refreshing;
2, Kara OK
Cool Dog original "Kara OK" lyrics display, multi-mode, listened to sing, let you listen more fun;
3, support local music player
Perfect sound quality, and support all the audio files, drag and drop local files, while supporting high-speed network to download and local players;
4, super-search and download
Song search engine optimization to improve search accuracy; intelligent bandwidth savings can be shut down the network function;
5, pop music, information
Cool list family dog, dog Friends of recommendation, cool bar, kennel, the latest pop music, a clean sweep, good music to "find" you;

Cool Dog Music (formerly KuGoo) 2008 5.323 ┊ resources hundreds of millions of P2P music sharing ┊ green the ad free version
KuGoo removed installed adware, removing the music search, download manager window ads. Screenshot
Green Version Download Patch: http://patch.superdown.com/green/KuGoo.rar
Application Mirror: http://downmini.kugoo.com/kugou.exe

Homepage: http://www.kugou.com/
Download: http://downmini.kugoo.com/kugou.exe
Mirrors: http://www.duote.com/soft/93.html
BBS: http://bbs.kugou.com/

Download FileShareMirror: http://uploaded.to/file/fktsqf/KuGouSetup.exe
Installer extracted: KuGouSetup.7z 4.73 MB start program from \KuGouSetup.7z\KuGouSetup\{app}\KuGoo.exe

Program is not English


Recon said...

use Universal Extractor and regcleaner after use

also check usefull tools


RegDllView v1.25
OpenedFilesView v1.30

Best Prozess Explorer to see whats running:
Networking Utilities

uninstaller left regkeys

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