25 January 2009

eMule 0.49b NeoMule v4.55a D39mod v0.7e Beta3 and Alpha Version

Neo Mule+ 0.7:
!Auto Download Priority now never sets low priority to prevent no rating harvesting
!Fixed bug with wait time in upload queue
+Russain translation
incomplete part status now disabled by default
highlighting sources with View Shared Files Support in green

Neo Mule+ 0.6:
!bring back 15 min bunus for first 15 minuts in queue...
!some changes in calculation how many chunks client can take and give
!fixed bug in push needed files :)
+Add showing in Client Details dialogue, how many chunks client can give to us, or take from us
+Add showing in Client Details dialogue remote DL/UP modifier
+Add UploadPriority menu command in Downloads

Neo Mule+ 0.5:
!Neo now accept ed2k links from google chrome :)
+Hashing file progress in statusbar
+Add new implementation of chunk selection (by D39), based on float point priority calculations, called smart chunk selection (user still can select ICS or official chunk selection instead)
+Add back speed bonus, if client uploading something to us at this moment
!Push needed files feature now works only with useful clients (clients, who have needed chunks) very useful clients gets full push value, not very just half
+Add showing requested chunk index in Client Details dialogue
+Add small bonus in upload queue( *0.8) for insecure ident
+DL/UP modifier now can be from 0.1 to 10 (only for official credit system) this works only when client downloaded 3 or more chunks from us
Changed some default values in preferences, to enable some features by default, like ip2country
Max src on chunk now 4 (was 3)

Neo Mule+ 0.4:
!Changes in ICS (intelligent chunk section) wanted chunks now have highest priority. and many other changes in CPartFile::GetNextRequestedBlockICS...
=Minimal boost for small files (which fit into specified size) now x2 and then smaller file, then more boost

Neo Mule+ 0.3:
!Fixed showing time in upload queue
!Fixed bugs with counting completed sources for chunks for known files
=Changed complete sources counting in share files list - now there is true value: 1 for know files and true value of complete sources for incomplete files (in brackets old values based on guess), also in source code, in CKnownFile and CPartFile, renamed vars m_nCompleteSourcesCount* to m_nCompleteGuessCount*
+Agros comment in client details dialogue

Neo Mule+ 0.2:
!Fixed long loading on startup (fileinfo.ini now permanently loaded to memory)
!Push needed files feature now not work with LOW Download priority files
+Add Showing rare ratio multiplier for files in upload queue in Client Details dialogue
+15min bonus works until client gets first part

Neo Mule+ 0.1:
+Add Push Needed Files feature
+Add Copy command in Stored IP Table in Client Details dialogue
Improved showing pinging status in statusbar

Download ed2k:

http: eMule-0.49b-NeoMule-v4.55a-D39mod_v0.7e-beta1.rar 6.93 MB

Direct Link Download Moskva: eMule-0.49b-NeoMule-v4.55a-D39mod_v0.7e-beta1.rar

alpha versions:



HTTP Fileshare:
latest: eMule-0.49b-NeoMule-v4.55a-D39mod_v0.7e-beta3-bin.rar

bin eMule-0.49b-NeoMule-v4.55a-D39mod_v0.4-b 2.34 MB
bin eMule-0.49b-NeoMule-v4.55a-D39mod_v0.1-b 2.26 MB
bin eMule-0.49b-NeoMule-v4.55a-D39mod_v0.7e-bin.rar
src eMule-0.49b-NeoMule-v4.55a-D39mod_v0.7e-src.rar

< no leecher mod >


Izvenite za glypie kommentarii gde napisano chto stot mod fal'shiviy. Ochevidno ludi kotorie tak pishyt neznaiut kak skachivat' s emul seti. Etot mod ochen daje original'niy i natural'niy, kotoriy chasto ispol'zyetsya na oficial'nom saite. Spasibo sozdatelyam etogo moda.



Anonymous said...

use emule search,


you need emule to download from ed2k link. its not a fake link!

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