24 January 2009

eMule Version 0.49b sivka v19b1 ****CPU Optimizer Info fix****

compiled using Stulles source

vs 2008 sp1 + latest hotfixes strict code compatible changes / new versions of afxctl + others \Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\atlmfc updates after sp1 from 2008 05.09 - 29.07

27. Jan. 2009 5th build (svn)
Changed name extension of this mod to SE for Second Edition
internal Alpha of enhanced edition
Feature: // Credits
Mainmerge + cpu mem optimization //Stulle
vs 2008 compatible // MorphXT Team

Added: Hidden enhanced ini.tweaks // Tuxman
Added: Show IP in Client list
Added: Show Full eMule and Mod Version in all Lists //Xman ??
Added: Show RQR/Speed column in uploadlist //iOniX Mod
Added: Show total up/down in upload/queue list //LSD later in iOniX Mod and Xtreme Mod Xman

Added: missing icons in Download Window File menu
Added: Show nickname on title
Allow to send FunnyNick
Changed: Sivka MaxQueue Range Drop: from 2000 to 1000
Changed: File buffer size from up to 15 MB / HDD PRotection Skynetman., MorphXT+ by FrankyFive, MagicAngel Mod,...
Changed: Min Queue from 1000 to 100
WHOIS from everylist is from KTS
Added: Connect only to servers support obfuscated connection (to prevent connect to Fake-servers) MORPH
some compiler templ. changes and others around comp SDK to reduce output file size weight
Enabled and proper integr.: defeat 0-filled part sender [anti-corrupt] and HashThief Protection //Sivka

>> emule.exe 4,82 MB (5.059.584 bytes) << Remaining bug: proper client icon sorting ClientCompatible , ClientDefault // Xman's fix from Xtreme mod will fix it ...more forgot... Daily internal test build 27.01.2009 only for Nova Crew




one of the first builds just fix the gui bugs in cpu optimizer, no improvements or other changes

fixed: // == > Optimizer [shadow2004]
^-^ GetExtendedProcessorName
missing (CString) in emule.cpp


Download just eMule.exe 5.21 MB

[ No other changes - no leecher features added ]

Message from compiler src:

Credits to Stulle, he don't like if someone find Gui or other errors and fix it -:)
Can not help, I read all src codes, if found bug or something that can be fixed I just do it.


Changed to full integration CPU info of Shadows CPU optimizer // Camel - CPU Identifying Tool

sample in log window:
25.01.2009 02:18:12: ********Optimizer********
25.01.2009 02:18:12: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640
25.01.2009 02:18:12: AMD optimizations active
25.01.2009 02:18:12: L1->128.00 KB L2->1.00 MB
25.01.2009 02:18:12: MMX MMX+ SSE SSE2 3DNOW 3DNOW+
25.01.2009 02:18:12: ********Optimizer********

Fixed Kad: eMulekad.exe 5.21 MB


Removed: server Ads //another line less stay ;
Removed: session ratio //saves a lot of code
added: default server.met update url //doesn't need to put server.met in zip package
added: default nodes.dat //doesn't need to put nodes.dat in zip package

Download: release.zip 2.24 MB

File: eMule.exe
Size: 4,95 MB (5.200.384 bytes)
CRC-32: d3e1596d
MD4: c32bc2a057096081e8e914ea322a8dac
MD5: 1fa5a383f5b8119aea421b2df432e984
SHA-1: c156c800f22457352add62dbda8c8ec966611fd6

Compiled with:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

changed source code to stulles source
in emule.cpp :
if (!emuledlg)
switch (get_cpu_type())
case 1:
AddLogLine(false,_T("FPU optimizations active"));
case 2:
AddLogLine(false,_T("MMX optimizations active"));
case 3:
AddLogLine(false,_T("AMD optimizations active"));
case 4:
case 5:
AddLogLine(false,_T("SSE optimizations active"));
AddLogLine(false,_T("Optimizations disabled"));
CString strCPU; //Cpu Extensions
CString strLXcache; //Lx-Cache Size
if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(MMX_FEATURE))
strCPU += _T("MMX ");

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(MMX_PLUS_FEATURE))
strCPU += _T("MMX+ "); 

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(SSE_FEATURE))
strCPU += _T("SSE ");

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(SSE2_FEATURE))
strCPU += _T("SSE2 ");

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(AMD_3DNOW_FEATURE))
strCPU += _T("3DNOW ");

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(AMD_3DNOW_PLUS_FEATURE))
strCPU += _T("3DNOW+ ");

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(IA64_FEATURE))
strCPU += _T("IA64 ");

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(MP_CAPABLE))
strCPU += _T("MP_CAPABLE ");

if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(L1CACHE_FEATURE)) {
strLXcache+=CastItoXBytes ( (uint32) cpu.GetProcessorCacheXSize (L1CACHE_FEATURE)*1024);
if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(L2CACHE_FEATURE)) {
strLXcache+=_T(" L2->");
strLXcache+=CastItoXBytes ( (uint32) cpu.GetProcessorCacheXSize (L2CACHE_FEATURE)*1024);
if (cpu.DoesCPUSupportFeature(L3CACHE_FEATURE)) {
strLXcache+=_T(" L3->");
strLXcache+=CastItoXBytes ( (uint32) cpu.GetProcessorCacheXSize (L3CACHE_FEATURE)*1024);

AddLogLine(false, strLXcache);
AddLogLine(false, strCPU);


partview link

S0uR$€ C0D€ 0N tHi…$ SiT€


Anonymous said...

you little shithead fuck with my work and think you have any right to get a well mannered reply when you did not even care shit about pointing out what is wrong to me in code? tell you what, bitch, fuck you and your parents who are mostlikely brother and sister. fuck you!

Recon said...

do your dirty words on one of your forums, there you can stick all full with dirty words, no one read it or not many if the wordfilter will not already hide your real identity in case you already have tried it in forums to speak public as you like to do

Anonymous said...

you have the source from the just 2 day old daily build, its public. Futer more every single bug have been explained, I dont join a team of coders if some of them speak in such a dirty slang language by the official emule coding stuff internal.


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