28 January 2009

eMule sivka v19b1 Mod based on eMule 0.49b *FIXED and enhanced* [SE edition alpha]

Changes 29.01.2008 today comp. builds #7 & #8

Bugfix: by ilmira updownclient UserHash
Bugfix: by Xman - Fix Filtered Block Request
HotFix: to avoid crash at shutdown by SiRoB
Bugfixes: related to emule 0.49b + mods from Xman
removed: make source action thread safe (Enig123) ---> see verbose logs

File Info:

File: eMule normal.exe
CRC-32: 076074ce
MD4: e3224390b3b830607b76efb6859bc545
MD5: a542597580bea528c7d8fc69aef34b29
SHA-1: d68fa836a9035ee1878c2888caf896d0c3d3e189

File: eMule sse2.exe
CRC-32: 1354dea7
MD4: 9ed1328178f4986136f62f10e4c999ab
MD5: 029e0d829a59cee59ed896ae76dde85c
SHA-1: d2caab45d2f60def7fe3ec0e45d228cc2b3608fa

Download: eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin_29-01-2009-pb2.zip
Changes from 29. Januar 2009

Fixed: removed hover tracking [SLUGFILLER] transferwindow
Fixed: official bug around userhash initialization (Enig123)
improved: make source add action thread safe (Enig123)
Fixed: avoid userhash collision (DreaMule)
Fixed: minor official draw bug around SharedFiles Filter on Language change (X-Ray)
add: H.264 and 3vid FourCC Codes to the MediaInfo Detection (X-Ray)

Download: eMule-0.49b-Sivka-v19b1-bin-fixed-enhanced-bin_29-01-2009.zip


eMule sivka v19b1 based on eMule 0.49b codename  Duisburg

Changes from 28. Jan. 2009 today compiled build #8 & #9

2 compiled binaries with changes/fixes from today:

Normal [all cpu's]
SSE2 [enhanced instruction set sse2, modern cpu's]

compiled with VS 2008 SP1

Quick Fix: advanced hidden prefs from official emule missing ini.write 'flash systray icon by new chat message' in preferences.ini entry :

Download most up to date build: eMule.exe 4.82 MB

based on sivka emule 0.48 plain merge to emule 0.49b by stulle

Updated: miniUPnP to version miniUPnP 1.3 from date 2008/10/11 [Thomas Bernard]

Improvement: DownloadList file/client menu better localized 'source control' + added some icons
Improvement: added some sub icons in searchlist and searchresults window
Improvement: Preview music files [IceCream]
Improvement: removed max server search results count [DaZZle]
Improvement: Save some overhead [Tuxman]
Improvement: improved MediaInfo.dll support [Tuxman]
Improvement: added even more file types [Tuxman]
Improvement: Ban check downloadqueue, partfile [Tuxman][X-Rax] whoever

Fix: Stop Rehashing Of Files With Foreign-Language Name. We always use Unicode [Borschtsch]
Fix: inverse sorting [moloko+] Queuelist
Fix: Use a pointer list when setting priority [moloko+] svrlist
Fix: repaint splitter [moloko+] svrlist
Fix: Collection double extension [moloko+]
Fix: check if the file is known [Avi3k]
Fix: titlemenu by Avi3k
Fix: Null pointer exception [fox88] svrlist
Fix: Total Completed Size stats [fox88] partfile
Fix: "Completed" display precision [fox88/taz] downloadlist
Fix: "Sort by speed" [WiZaRd] downloadlist
Fix: Disappearing number in server list [WiZaRd]
Fix: memleak in websvr [WiZaRd]
Fix: Check diskspace left tempdir before downloading [SLUGFILLER] downloadqueue
Fix: uint64 fix [Tuxman] partfile
Fix: context menu downloadlist, downloadclients, clientlist, queuelist, uploadlist [CB] (It may happen that the client is removed from the queue when a selection has been done)

older changes: emule-049b27-sivka-mod-v19b1 - emule-version-049b-sivka-v19b1.html
Added: Hidden enhanced ini.tweaks // main from MorphXT Team, particle based on Tuxman + some localizations and missing ini.write
Fixes: Enhanced Prefs some missing ini.Write //eg.: ini.WriteBool(L"IconflashOnNewMessage",m_bIconflashOnNewMessage);,...
Added: Show IP in Client list
Added: Show Full eMule and Mod Version in all Lists //Xman ??
Added: Show RQR/Speed column in uploadlist //iOniX Mod
Added: Show total up/down in upload/queue list //LSD later in iOniX Mod and Xtreme Mod Xman

Added: missing icons in Download Window File menu
Added: Show nickname on title [I never tag/comment in src myself]
Improvement: Allow to send FunnyNick [I never tag/comment in src myself]
Improvement: Sivka MaxQueue Range Drop: from 2000 to 1000 [I never tag/comment in src myself]
Improvement: File buffer size up to 15 MB / HDD PRotection Skynetman., MorphXT+ by FrankyFive, MagicAngel Mod,...
Improvement: Min Queue from 1000 to 100
Improvement: WHOIS from everylist +GeoIP info extended [KTS]
Added: Connect only to servers support obfuscated connection (to prevent connect to Fake-servers) MORPH
Improvement: remove server Ads and too many \n new line brakes in svr window // ;
Removed: session ratio //saves a lot of code pP
added: default server.met update url
added: default nodes.dat //[I never tag/comment in src myself]
added: manual unban to manual ban
added: a default ip filter update url//[I never tag/comment in src myself]
Improvement others: some compiler changes and others around comp SDK to reduce output file size weight//[I never tag/comment in src myself]
Improvement: Enabled and propper integr.: defeat 0-filled part sender [anti-corrupt] and HashThief Protection //Sivka
Improvement: Make Client Info Dialog Fields selectable to copy to clipboard // BCNL
Improvement: Show a Welcome Message with emule - mod version and Nickname in svr window and About//[I never tag/comment in src myself]
Fixed: CPU Info GetExtendedProcessorName // Optimizer [shadow2004], Camel - CPU Identifying Tool
Fixed: eMule search Icon sorting/missing icon in emule.rc for emule version 0.49b code base
Fixed: added missing icon for 'List requested Files'

Download builds from 28. Jan. 2009:

for alpha enhanced sivka build src please visit our svn/cvs host which is should be online after Fri, 30. January 09 or in a hurry request here

older beta src as rar file from 27. January 2009 eMule0.49b27.Sivka.MOD.v19b1-src-vs2008-c++9.rar


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