08 January 2009

VeryCD 电驴(easyMule) 1.1.1 20090107

eMule is faster as Bittorrent, can reach max line speed

VeryCD 电驴(easyMule) 1.1.1 20090107 beta[2009-01-07]

* fixed bug: 0.49b合并后,资源页中切换页签丢失搜索结果
* fixed bug: 下载中的文件重启动加载后没添加到分享队列
* fixed bug:vista下切换用户后无法直接使用电驴
* 优化网络映射磁盘的处理,避免程序卡死
* 解决几处合并后的程序崩溃

based on comments to this blog:


and the source files are complete.

Here it is easyMule v1.1.1:

please submit the bug if it crash.

No changes to the source!
releaseMe.zip 2.82 MB

+ add a default server.met url if field is empty //pP
+ in preferences.cpp changed default options:
advanced [true], more options to enable [true]

Preferences.cpp 164.42 KB
ServerWnd.cpp 36.61 KB

add ADSL 4 MB down (512 kb/s up) and 6 mb down / 512 kb/s up to connection window will be great
IE2EM.dll ActiveX BHO and Ie menu extensions IE2EM.htm optional
BetterSP2 to patch tcpip.sys optional // in some cases it can reduce the max half open in tcpip.sys"

compiled favor small code: emule-small.exe 5.75 MB
compiled favor fast code: emule-fast.exe 6.54 MB

using updated libs on vs 2008 sp1

easyMule v1.1.1 2009 [eMule 0.49b VeryCD 90107]

compiled with vs 2005



small bug in sharedfiles window reload feature, files dont reload sometimes or if change manually files in incomming folder it can crash.dmp

DownloadClientsCtrl.cpp doesnt show client version (mod) next to emule build client->GetClientSoftVer());

"anyhow BetterSP2.cpp/h after running emule.exe have patched my tcpip.sys file limit to 9 from unlimited:"
"could restore it only with xp-antispy to unlimited"

2009 eMule 0.49b based is the BEST VERYCD MOD ever!!!
Great source finder fast via kad and releasing works as well fine.

- No Leecher features added or in this source code build compiled -

Download full with countryflag,...


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