17 July 2007

BitWonder BitTorrent Plus! II 1.32

BitTorrent Plus! is a powerful and featured BitTorrent client.
It based on the mature BitTorrent core with the exciting enhancement of BitTornado.
BitTorrent Plus! is able to be customized easily, a lot of options are provided. You can also choicely down- load a torrent file.
Nowadays, We have earned support from million and million of users. I hope you will enjoy using our software. The program is dual language english/chinese.

Plus! v2 1.31 Beta1
* Torrent maker improvement.
* Bugfix.

Plus! v2 1.3 Final
* Selectable download works better.
* User interface modifications.
* The TCPIP.SYS Patcher is updated for the newer version.
* The link to the official forum is added to the menu.
* The bug of torrent maker is now fixed.

Plus! v2 1.3 RC1
* Better log displayer.
* Experimental fix of file priorities.
* The program now correctly turns to unlimited-upload when finished.
* The bug in CompleteDir is fixed.

Plus! v2 1.3 Beta2
* Stabler code with best performance.
* Bugfix.

Plus! v2 1.3 Beta1
+ Connects more peers.
+ Proxy supported.
+ Publisher information viewable.
* Modified user interface.

Plus! v2 1.24 Final
* No more ads on the GUI.

Plus! v2 1.23 Final
* Optimization for UI updating.
* Fix a securtiy leak.

Plus! v2 1.23 RC1
+ Updated for newer TCPIP.SYS
* Minor improvements and bugfixes.

Plus! v2 1.22 Final
+ wxPython GUI pack is updated.
+ NSIS/Pywin32 updated.
* Several bugs fixed.

Plus! v2 1.21 Final
* Several bugs fixed.

Plus! v2 1.21 RC2
+ Anti-ISPBlocking Technology ready.
* Several bugs fixed.

Plus! v2 1.21 RC1
+ NAT Traversal added (passed test on XP SP2, advanced network pack required on SP1.)
* Several bugs fixed.

Plus! v2 1.21 Beta1
+ Powerful Up/Down rate recorder.
+ The cursor turns to hand on links.
+ Two tip functions are merged.
+ Added support for newer TCPIP.SYS modification.
+ Based on BitTornado 0.3.10.
* Status lights are now in GIF format, less memory load.
* IP data now have no extension names.
* Improved code.
* Python, wxPython and NSIS were updated.
* A number of UI code were modularized.
* Several bugs were fixed.

More Updates
Homepage: http://www.bitwonder.com/en/index.htm
Screenshot: http://www.bitwonder.com/en/screen_shot.htm

Download BitTorrent_Plus_1.32.zip (5.09 MB):
Download Server1 Download Server2 Download Server3
Download Server4 Download Server5 Folder
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If "Service Unavailable" (Server busy), use the next Download Server!


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