18 July 2007

Open Ports Scanner 1.2

Fize Size: 458KB
Language: English
OS: Win2000/XP/2003
License: Free
WEB: http://www.filesland.com/

Open Ports Scanner monitors open TCP and UDP ports and applications that open them on your PC.
Open Ports Scanner will open TCP and UDP ports on your PC. It brings you an enhanced functionality of a similar tool that comes with Windows operating system: Netstat.

Open Ports Scanner in addition to the ports information available from your operating system, allows you to map an open port to the process running on your PC. You may easily catch spyware, malware and trojans when using this tool. Just search for suspicious TCP connections.

You may instantly terminate unwanted connections right from this software. Monitoring features include TCP or UDP view filter and refresh speed timer. Full list of displayed data includes: protocol name, process name, process ID, local port, local address, remote port, remote address and connection status.

Server1 - Server2 - Server3 - Server4 (please use next server if one server is busy "Service Unavailable" Message appears)
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Anonymous said...

Best Firewall NEW VERSION OUT:
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 Build (1025.700.303)

Changes in Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 (build 1025/700/303), July 18, 2007:
The following issues are fixed (only significant ones are listed):
o More strict rules for DNS activity
o Automatic rules creation issue (active rules were disabled)
o Freezes on x64 platform

Homepage - http://www.agnitum.com/products/outpost/

Size: 16.7 MB
Download for x86 · Mirror
Download for x64

--------- OUTPOST KEY BEGIN ----------

0E3xNVY vV01 5DJQXy40Nv6/38aKyhi4iCwn
ZhjSBsHtokBIvc/fXFK8JxXBt8 Y0eoikZ9kpq9j

---------- OUTPOST KEY END -----------

Anonymous said...

does it work with eset smart security


Anonymous said...

add this:
Blockpost plug-in ("Untrusted Zone") for OP v3.5x/v4.0

http://www.outpostfirewall.com/plug-ins/Blockpost_2007_03_25.exe (OP 3.5x and OP 4.0)
http://www.outpostfirewall.com/plug-ins/Blockpost_2007_03_25_oss.exe (OSS only)

+ New feature: Process whitelisting (requested by Shark_M). New property sheet added in properties window for whitelisting processes.
+ New feature: Whitelist port or process for latest block event. Accessible via statistics view menu.
+ New feature: Export/Import data tool added. Used for making backups of your blocklist/whitelist(s) to a user-selected folder (requested by Rickster100).
+ Top-X statistics view setting is automatically saved and reloaded on restart (requested by Csimbi).
+ Added duplicate removal of items in IP whitelist and port whitelist.
+ Disabling Blockpost does no longer imply a statistics reset (requested by Rah). Statistics must be manually reset via right-click menu.
+ Bug fix: "My Computer" and file filters did not work properly for export/import file requesters (thanks Shark_M).
+ Bug fix: IP Whitelist is now pruned if necessary in order to prevent overlapping ranges.
+ Bug fix: The currently selected item in block events ranking report is now ensured to be visible after a list update.
+ Bug fix: Fixed persistence problem related to temporarily disabling plugin or allowing port 80/443.
+ Splitter positions in statistics view are now loaded/saved (requested by Shark_M).
+ Top-X setting shown in right-click menu.
+ Added shortcut from systray menu to WHOIS tool.
+ Blocklist parser is now less strict. Corrupted data files are less likely to cause a failure during import (requested by Rickster100).
+ Various optimizations to kernel and GUI.
- Blockpost might fail when saving its data files if Outpost's Self-Protection is enabled.

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