09 July 2007

LimeWire Pro 4.13.10 Beta & LimeWire Pro 4.12.15 Final

4.13.9 (06.13.2007)
- Large File support - LimeWire can now share and transfer files up to 1TB
- Server side of TLS code
- Fix for a memory leak on windows
- Snappier UI when there are a lot of downloads in progress on Windows
- Notification popups when a download completes
- Fix for column names not appearing properly on Java 1.6

4.13.8 (06.13.2007)
- Internal build changes

4.13.7 (06.13.2007)
- Brand new upload code, much more efficient
- Files containing foreign characters can be properly launched, deleted, etc.
- LimeWire works properly when installed outside of Program Files on
international windows versions
- Make LimeWire does not need Admin privileges on Vista to work properly
- Fix for downloads sometimes stalling

+ PRO Features
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Website: http://softex.meganet.lt/news.php?readmore=3098

LimeWirePro.4.13.10.Beta.exe (4.64 MB) - (Mirror)
LimeWire_Pro_4.12.15.exe (4.17 MB) - (Mirror)


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