15 July 2007

eMule v0.48a Wikinger Mod v2.1

eMule v0.48a [Wikinger-Mod v2.1]
eMule Wikinger-Mod Main Features:
- Slot Control: chose how many upload slots you want to open and Slotfocus
- Release-Features like Powershare, Share Only the Need, Active Spreading and Download Permission
- Applejuice Community Modes: select normal, reduced (50% Upload) or disabled Community Mode
- manual add to Upload, remove from Upload and Friend handling in every List on Transfer Window
- Applejuice Community with many Community Clients advanced Community Features
- Applejuice Creditsystem: you can "buy" download Slots from other Community Clients with Applejuice you get for your Upload
- Community Topfile List: Search and Find the Files with most Community Clients

Changelog eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.1:
July, 14. 2007
- Upload Level of Powershare is now one Level higher than Upload Level of Releaser Community Clients
- minor improvement on upload Level Code
- increased time interval before a low Slotspeed Client get's dropped from Upload
- fixed minor upload bug on adding LowID Clients when Community Mode was set to Community disabled
Active Spreading:
- increased Kad reask interval for Active Spreading
- fixed bug doing Active Spreading at the same Client for the same file more than once (only if source was received more than once)
- fixed sending source request v1 packet with Active Spreading also to clients which support v2 packet
Applejuice Creditsystem:
- fixed loading Autostart and Autostop Creditfactor setting from preferences.ini
- minor fix on Applejuice Creditdownload
- reduced CPU load of Anti-Leecher System
- fixed sending Username without Anti Nick Thief Addon to Community Clients
- don't allow Nick Thiefs to become Releaser Community Clients
- comment spam detection
- updated spam message list
- Copy Mod Statistics
- reduced CPU load of some other Features
- remove all Clients from upload and waiting queue on changing Download Permission
- DSL 16000 selectable in Connection Wizard
- fixed bug on entering stop automatic started Creditdownloads
- fixed opening Help in Mod Preferences
- Enhanced Client Recognization [Spike2]
- ROCKFORCE Mod Client icon
- updated German translation
- fixed minor bug in verbose log on loading topfiles_index.dat and credits_index.dat files

Changelog eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.0:
June, 6. 2007
- Releaser Community
--- enter Community Nick-Addons seperated by "|"
--- select Releaser Community Score Boost or set an own Upload Level
--- Releaser Community Client Icon [icon from Xtreme]
--- mark Clients in Mod Client detail page and show found Nick-Addons
- Download Permission
- changed Active Spreading for new eMule v0.48a source exchange
- increased time a client has to be in upload before he can be dropped because of too low slotspeed
- fixed minor bug with drop Clients with too low slotspeed if Slotfocus was enabled
Applejuice Creditsystem:
- limit number of max allowed Creditdownload Clients depending on own download limit (or download capacity)
- disable Applejuice Creditdownload on stopping file
- reduced Overhead of Applejuice Creditsystem
- fixed bug with Applejuice Creditfactor on completing and stopping file
- stop Applejuice Creditdownload depending on number of downloading clients via Creditdownload
- increased maximal allowed value for Autostart Applejuice Creditdownload
- send Queuerank again on sending new Creditfactor
- don't count Applejuice Credit saving answers from old clients (because of a bug)
- minor change on loading Applejuice Credits
- increased max allowed Applejuice Creditdownload Autostart and Autostop value
- some other optimizations
- only overwrite creditsave.dat file on closing eMule if we were connected to the network this session
- fixed minor bug with forcing community source exchange after a file was stopped
- Client icon for Applejuice Releaser Clients (Clients who support Applejuice Community, but disabled it) [icon by Snake-eATER]
--- also mark them in Mod Client detail page
- fixed bug with better sending Queuerank to Community Clients on first connect
- improved hidden File detection
- some other fixes on Anti-Leecher System
- increased max allowed lenght of username to 80 characters
- changed file buffer setting steps to 256KB per step
- fixed minor bug with Bad Hello Tag and Ghost Mod Anti-Leecher log entries
- changed and removed some links
- some minor changes and fixes
- Colored Upload Feedback
- icon for files with Download Permission 'Community Clients' in shared files, upload and queue list
- fixed showing wrong Client icon for leechers in known Clients list
- updated German translation
- updated Italian translation [laraspa59]
- updated Spanish translation [karateka608]
Download Permission:
You can set maximal 1 file to Permission 'Community Clients' and then only (Releaser) Community
Clients can download this file from you. Other Clients will not be able to see that you share
this file. This Feature is only to pre-spread a file.

Changelog eMule v0.47c Wikinger-Mod v1.1:
Apr, 9. 2007
- Active Spreading [DavidXanatos/Ekliptor]
- increased upload priority for Community Clients requesting Powershare-Files
- Slotfocus: focus all upload bandwidth on one (or as little as possible) upload slots
- Drop Clients with low Slotspeed: put clients who accept less than 10% of our slotspeed back to queue
--- don't allow them to entry our upload again for 30 minutes
--- give them 75% of their waitingtime back
- fixed bug with amount based max upload to Community for low ID Clients
- fixed bug putting client back to queue because of a client with higher Upload Level
- Anti-Leecher System [Leecher Detections by Xman/MorphXT/DavidXanatos/WiZaRd]
--- Username and Modstring detection
--- Nick-Thief and Mod-Thief detection
--- Bad and SUspect Packet detection (detects Bad Hello Tags, Extra Bytes, Ghost Mods,...)
--- Spam and other bad actions detection (detects Spammers, XS-Exploiter and Clients hiding files)
--- Detection-Level
-----> Detect only real Leechers (only usernames/modstrings of very bad leechers are detected, no Ghost Mod detection for Webcache/ICS Tags)
-----> Detect all Suspect Clients
--- Punishment
-----> No Punishment
-----> Score *0.9 - Score *0.1
-----> Upload Ban
-----> IP Ban
- never ban Friends
- Log Anti-Leecher actions
- check manual entered own Modstring if it will get banned
- removed some parts of official GPL Breaker detection, we don't need anymore because of own Anti-Leecher System
- force Community Source Exchange until we got 3 answers and repeat it every 6 hours
- fixed major bug saving Applejuice Credits of other Clients
- reduced CPU usage of Applejuice Creditsystem a bit
- find a bit more Community Contacts
- fixed bug Highspeed Creditdownload counter could stop
- default IP-Filter update address
- some minor improvements and changes
- icon for files with enabled Active Spreading in shared files, upload and queue list
- mark clients we removed because of a client with a higher uplad level or they could not accept our slotspeed in 'score' column at queuelist
- Leecher Client Icon
- add/remove friends and start/stop friendslot in every list on transfer window
- show filename of files we are searching for sources via kademlia in kademlia search list (also for keyword searches)
- show current Community Mode in Upload Feedback
- fixed upload priority Powershare was not displayed on upload feedback
- fixed Remote QR status 'full' was displayed instead of 'no needed parts' in rare cases on uploadlist and queuelist
Active Spreading:
With Active Spreading you can search for incomplete sources of your complete files. So Active Spreading
will search for Clients who want to download your complete files. Active Spreading automatically
disables for 12 hours after you found 400 clients sharing the file or you got 300 requests for the file.
It also disables if soft queue limit is reached.

Download: eMule.v0.48a.Wikinger-Mod.v2.1.bin.zip (4.14 MB) - Mirror - Mirror - (DDL)
ED2K Link: eMule.v0.48a.Wikinger-Mod.v2.1.bin.zip

Old Version: eMule 0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.0

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