13 July 2007

eMule 0.48a Hardstyle Xtreme share v1.0

Hardstyle Xtreme share v1.0

Based on emule 0.48a MagicAngel v 3.0

[Merged] With Morphxt v10.1 [Spe64]

[Add] Push by types files [Spe64]
[Add] Push part and finished files[Spe64]
[Add] Choosable modstring [Spe64]
[Add] Choosable Priority [Spe64]
[Add] Exit smoothly [Ef-Mod/kts/Spe64]
[Add] Powerslot [kts]
[Add] Shutdown Pc or Emule when Downloads are complete [Spe64]
[Add] Shutdown Pc or Emule with a date [Spe64]
[Add] Shutdown Pc or Emule when a file have x complete sources or x complete virtual sources [Spe64]

[Add] Upload priority in downloadlistctrl [Neomule/Spe64]
[Add] Automatic friend slot [Kts]
[Add] Boostfriends [Kts]
[Add] Kick From Upload [Tritant]
[Add] Push To Upload [Tritant]
[Add] Drop Sources [Stulle/Sivka]
[Add] Boost Community [Emule plus ??]
[Add] enough to clean up handle maps every minute [Xman]

[Fix] All different credit system are saved [Spe64]
[Remove] Friends restrictions [Spe64]
[Change] Min slot limiting to 2 [Spe64]

Homepage and Discussion: eMule 0.48a Hardstyle XS v1.0 @Open-files, open-forum

Emule v0.48A Hardstyle Xsl v1.0 Bin.rar (2.88 MB) - Mirror
eMule 0.48a - Hardstyle XS 1.0 - src.rar (7.22 MB)

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