16 July 2007

eMule 0.48a TK4 2.1a

Main Features:
Header View+ Allows Viewing of the Header of a downloading or completed file and attempts identification. 1.5e bug fix 1.5f
Statistics Functionality Enhancements Additional display options and functionality 1.5b
Permanent search filters Permanent search filters option 1.4g
IRC Colour and text formatting Adopted in Official eMule from version 47b
IP Filter update Updates you IPFilter using it's own thread, Monthly Auto update option New Ver 2.0a
Slot Focus Basic Slot Focus. Concentrates bandwidth on the slot(s) that can best use it 1.4c
Download improvements Prevent slower client's locking out faster clients + Netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests 1.5b
Upload improvements Added no sleep for uploadthrottler thread, Code by lupzz 1.4g
Virus scan AntiVir 7 Premium support added 1.5d
Forceshare *Re-evaluated and redesigned version 1.3a
Credit Systems + Credit systems and Anti-leech, Eastshare system updated from latest Eastshare 1.4g
Hidden Hides/unhides eMule via user defined hot keys
Simple Compressibility Evaluation Saves wasting CPU cycles. Bug fixes! 1.5b Important note
Filename Disparity Check (FDC) Indicates when a file has a very different name. *Improved* 1.5a.
IP2Country Shows country flags from IP for clients and servers,(code from Eastshare/Morph/eXtreme) 1.4b

eMule 0.48a TK4 2.1a - 15-07-2007
Added: Fixed and reworked ToolTipCtrlX the Devs´ code reworked a little. :)
Added: No Nagle option for uploads, theoretcial/possible reduction in upload latancy
Added: Creation date display for IPFilter.dat in IPFilter dialog
Fixed: Headerview - Crash on view deleted/moved file stupid error
Fixed: Headerview - WMV/WMA extension display false mismatch message
Fixed: Headerview - OGG/OGM extension display false mismatch message
Improved: Headerview - DMG type confirmation
Fixed: Unicode search text field overlaps preset filter check box
Added: Missing Code In Listensocket.cpp,Missing reaction to OP_REQUESTFILENAME Fix by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS
Added: MORPH optimization for large shared filelist, only reset if published. optimize by Leuk_he
Merged: to 48a
Changed: Retained TK4 statistics dialog code
Added: Implemented old style graphs option, the devs already coded it.
Added: Warn & prompt of deletion of possibly rare completed files
Added: Warn on exessive compression gain for none trivial files (>89% && >1 Partsize)
Fixed: Show "compressed by" as a percentage of actual data transfered,(uncompressed)
Added: Safe Kad (slows down the spread of bad KAD nodes) - by Netfinity
Added: Kad optimizes and function inline for improved performance - by Netfinity
Added: Kad Vista path fix by godlaugh2007 merged from Morph code

For full features and usage information view the TK4 Mod Readme (HTML).

Also view: TK4 Mod Change log to see fixes added etc. (HTML).
TK4 Credit Systems inc. C++ to see TK4 credit system overview. (HTML).
TK4 download improvements to see the code. (HTML).

View more Screenshots.

HTTP Download current binary
HTTP Download current source

ED2K link to current binary eMule48a_TK4Mod_2.1a_bin.rar
ED2K link to current source eMule48a_TK4Mod_2.1a_src.rar

Screenshot site
Sourceforge Project Page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/emuletk4mod/

Downloadsite @Sourceforge:
eMule 48a TK4 Mod 2.1a



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