12 July 2007

eMule 0.48a SharkX 0.2f by Taz

eMule v0.48a | SharkX v0.2
SharkX 0.2f 10/07/2007

fix : IP2Country 24bit res dll - from Xtreme 6.0 (Xman)
change : more UploadListCtrl.cpp & DownloadListCtrl.cpp cleaninig & optimizing

SharkX 0.2e 09/07/2007

fix : CMuleListCtrl::ShowColumn (BAD c&p by me)
fix : CUploadListCtrl::Localize - Column handle fix
fix : cleaner code in UploadListCtrl.cpp & DownloadListCtrl.cpp
change : Mod thread web link on official board

SharkX v0.2d 07/07/2007 (1'st post)

fix : dir vista officla fix (godlaugh2007)
add : Drop stalled downloads - from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)
add : delayed NNP - from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)
add : Set minimum waiting time to 5 seconds - from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)
add : Advanced download throttling - from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)
add : VQB: fullChunk (remaining) in Upload list control - from eMuleFuture 0.5
add : MagicAngel & MagicAngel+ CS - from MagicAngel 3.0 (sFrQlXeRt)
add : Anti Upload Protection (simplified) - from MagicAngel 3.0 (sFrQlXeRt)

SharkX v0.2c

fix : IPfilter update in config dir
fix : read SharkX prefs
add : Fix connection collision - from Morph 10.0 (SiRoB)
add : Horde op-codes from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)

SharkX v0.2b

removed : National filter (Taz)
removed : MyCountry (Taz)
add : static ip filter - from Stulle 5.0 (Stulle)

SharkX v0.2

removed : AutoHL - from eMuleFuture v0.5
add : Global HL - from Morph 10.0 / Stulle 5.0
add : drop system - from Stulle 5.0 (Stulle / Sivka)
add : "embedded" (always on) SUQWT - from ScarAngel 2.0 (Stulle)
add : extend credits - from Xtreme 6.0 / ScarAngel 2.0 (Xman)
add : NeoArgos CS - from Neo 4.25 (Xanatos)
add : Anti fragmenting - from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)
add : Anti Fake-IP - from eMuleFuture 0.5 (WiZaRd)
add : Kad Helper - from eMuleFuture 0.5 (WiZaRd)
add : VQB: fullChunk - from eMuleFuture 0.5 (not in Upload list control)

SharkX v0.1 based on emule 0.48a

National filter - based on IP2Country, by extending IPfilter + blocking server connection (Taz + advices from WiZaRd)
Upload list control - from Morph 10.0 + changes (Taz)
Xtreme CS - from Xtreme 6.0 (Xman)
Multi CS - CA CS option moved, all other CS, including Official, lower leechers score to 33% (Taz + ideas from Stulle)
better passive source finding - from Xtreme 6.0 (Xman)
show low IDs - from Xtreme 6.0 (Xman)
DBR - updated to Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)
My server in blue - from Xtreme (BlueSonicBoy)
Protect Static servers (Morph)
Do not overwrite BAK files on crash (Xman)
SLS - modified for reduces disk access from Morph 10.0
IP2Country - few code (GUI) fixes from Morph 10.0
IPfilter - back to config dir (Taz)
Fake Analyzer - from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)
Safe KAD - from Warp 0.3a6 (Netfinity)

Features from eMuleFuture v0.5 (Spike2, shadow2004, WiZaRd, JvA):

Client Analyzer
Emulate others
ed2k & IPfilter updates
CPU and RAM info added to transferwindow
added a separate preferences file (SharkX)
new mod version system
Easy Mod Version
Winsock2-support - (eWombat)
Aux-Ports-support - (lugdunummaster)
SLS - (enkeyDEV)
ICS - (enkeyDEV)
tabbed prefs - (TPT)
Show Queue Difference - (itsonlyme)
IP2Country - (Eastshare/iONiX)
MinQR - (CiccioBasardo)
Infinite Queue - (SLUGFILLER)
ModIcon - (BlueSonicBoy)

Downloads (BIN):
emule0.48a-sharkxv0.2f-bin.rar (5.45 MB) - Mirror - Mirror

Source Files (SRC):
eMule0.48a_SharkX_v0.2f_src.rar (3.85 MB) | Mirror
eMule0.48a_SharkX_v0.2e_src.rar (3.85 MB)
eMule0.48a_SharkX_v0.2d_src.rar (3.84 MB)

Mirrors: @AideADSL.com | @emule-mods


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